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I have to confess – I just can’t handle it.

I’m talking about Newtown and the Sandy Hook tragedy, where twenty six-year-old children were shot dead, along with six adults, before the shooter himself took his own life.

I will remember it every year, whether the media does or does not.

The reason is that our youngest grandson, Leeson, was born on the same day, December 14th, 2012.  He turns one tomorrow – he was born a few hours after the slaughter of the innocents.

I was holding Leeson’s older brother Aubren on my lap last night, watching the news.  One of the mothers was interviewed, talking about the six year old she lost.  When asked what she remembered most about him, she replied:  “He liked to cuddle.”  Aubren also likes to cuddle.  I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to lose him, or his brother, or any of his cousins.  I cannot imagine the hell the parents must be going through every day.

Coincidentally, today we had another school shooting, this time in Centennial, Colorado.

It was the seventeenth school shooting since Newtown.

And we still haven’t done anything to deal with the problem.

If there’s anything that shows how inept our political system is, surely this is it.  When the country’s elected representatives cannot agree on how to protect our children, our most precious resource, there’s something terribly wrong.

Perhaps it’s to be expected – the same Congress, with the Supreme Court, that allows one and a half million babies a year to be aborted, is not likely to act to save a few dozen killed in our schools!

What have we become?  Once the greatest nation in the world – now a country that cannot even protect its own children, the born and the unborn!