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Ed Murrow, the famous CBS reporter who broadcast nightly to the US from the London Blitz, wrote that the most remarkable fact of the war was that Britain kept its basic freedoms even in the face of defeat.   This included freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Both have been increasingly restricted in recent decades, not just in the United Kingdom, but in other western democracies.  Political correctness, together with new laws, have made it difficult for people to express themselves on issues that did not exist before the era of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Boris Johnson’s comment this week about the burqa being like a “letter box” led to a round of condemnation, until an opinion poll showed he had the support of 60% of the British people, who support a ban on burqas.   At least half a dozen European countries have already imposed a ban on wearing a burqa in public.

The BBC’s John Simpson, reported from Afghanistan shortly after 9-11.   At the time the country was ruled by the Taliban.   The only way he and a colleague could get into the country was by wearing a burqa.   As deeply religious “women”, soldiers and police would not touch them.   They safely returned with excellent coverage on the state of the country, immediately prior to the US led invasion.

Mr. Simpson, without realizing it, showed the security risk posed by people in burqas.   It’s no wonder that 60% of British people want them banned.   And it’s not just security that is compromised by the wearing of the burqa.   Wearing the garment is a constant statement that the wearer has no intention of ever being assimilated into western society, any western society.

It’s likely that Mr. Johnson’s comment was not an error on his part.   He knew what he was saying.   Mr Johnson, a populist, is now leading the charge in defending traditional British values (freedom of speech) against the dictatorship of political correctness, enforced on the population by the liberal-leftist elite.

The liberal elite have only themselves to blame.   They are the ones who have forced multiculturalism on the English English, those who have lived in the country for generations, even centuries; it was forced on them against their will and without any vote by the people, who have seen their country hijacked since World War II.

The liberal elite are not going to give up easily, as we have seen by their under-handed efforts to stop Brexit, eager to overturn the will of the majority to pursue their own globalist dream, which would, in time, wipe out England and all its traditional values.   But their role, similar to that of the “thought police” in George Orwell’s “1984”, needs to end.   The British people need to be free to express themselves on any issue, without the fear of punishment or denigration.

Other prominent people, leaders in the community, need to show support for Mr. Johnson.   One famous person did, today.   His name is Rowan Atkinson, but he’s better known around the world as Mr. Bean or Black Adder.   He’s been making fun of religious beliefs, without prejudice, for decades.   He clearly sees the threat if you can’t describe the burqa as a “letter box.”   Good for you, Mr. Bean!


Viktor Orban:   The new EU leadership should punish those who let millions of migrants into Europe, by VOICE OF EUROPE, 28 July 2018

“Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, says a new European Commission is needed with a new approach to migration policy, stating that the days of the current EU executive are “numbered” with its mandate expiring next May, Reuters reports.

“He made the comments Friday to state radio and said the next Commission should not punish countries that protect their borders from migrants.   Orban added that the new EU leadership should punish those who let millions of migrants into Europe in violation of the EU’s rules.

“The Hungarian Prime Minister is one of the strongest opponents of the EU’s migration policy.   The European Commission has stepped up a legal battle with Hungary over EU migration rules, claiming a new Hungarian law, criminalising support for asylum seekers, is illegal.

“Orban’s response is that the Commission’s decision was insignificant as its mandate is running out:   “We need a new Commission … with a new approach.”

“European Parliamentary elections will be in May 2019.   Orban’s nationalist Fidesz party polls strongly in the lead after a landslide win in the national election in April, re-elected for a third consecutive term.”



“Saudi Arabia has given the Canadian ambassador to the kingdom 24 hours to leave after Ottawa criticised the arrest of women’s rights activists in the ultra-conservative country.   The Saudi foreign ministry also said it was freezing “all new business” between the two states.”  (Independent, 8/6) 

Note the following from today’s MEMRI (“The Middle East Media Research Institute”) (#7617):

“Canada’s crude stance on social issues in the [Saudi] kingdom is not new – rather, it has been ongoing for years, despite Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic attempts to act flexibly towards [this stance].   Canada’s actions are nothing but systematic and planned aggression that goes far beyond support for human rights or freedoms and constitutes an attempt to take over and to impose the values of the Canadian left.

“As the racist Canadian government sheds leftist crocodile tears over freedoms, it disregards the true suppression that it [itself] implements against Canada’s original inhabitants.”


IRAN:   “It’s Trump, Netanyahu and Saudi prince who are ‘isolated,’ not us”

“Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday that the leaders of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel were isolated in their hostility to Iran.

“Today, the entire world has declared they are not in line with US policies against Iran,” Zarif said in a speech, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency. (“The times of Israel”, 8/6)



Hamas Counts Rewards for Successful anti-Israel Terror Campaign, DEBKAfile Exclusive Report (8/10)

Hamas has burned to a cinder more than 35,000 dunams of flourishing Israeli land – half the area of Tel Aviv, the whole of Beersheba – since March 31.   But if the Palestinian terrorist rulers of Gaza walk off with the $650m aid package the UN, Egypt and Qatar are offering for a long-range truce accord with Israel – with applause from Washington – they will win the biggest prize ever awarded a serial arsonist.   Only a fraction of the billions of dollars of aid poured into Gaza since Hamas seized power 11 years ago ever reached the population; the lion’s share was grabbed by Hamas’ terrorist wing for funding for “resistance, i.e. violence against Israel.   Its arson campaign of incendiary kites and exploding balloons has been so successful that Hamas is being showered with perks, including the lifting of the Israeli and Egyptian blockades on Gaza, without having to reciprocate by, for example, dismantling its military (terror) arm and rocket arsenal, or even handing over the remains of the Israeli soldiers and hostages.


Hamas launched multiple assault on Gaza-Israeli border amid truce talks

Friday saw a record 30 fires caused by Palestinian balloons from the Gaza Strip and mass riots pushing against the fence, while hurling fire bombs at Israeli troops.   A gang broke through and sabotaged IDF equipment before fleeing back.   The outbreak was quelled only after Israeli forces used tear gas, which left 80 rioters injured and one dead and a tank gun fired at a Hamas position.   Read DEBKA file’s Exclusive Analysis.


Africans take Germany to court in New York over ‘forgotten genocide’  – July 31, 2018 * USA Today

After people from the Herero and Nama tribes launched a rebellion in 1904 against German colonial settlers in South West Africa, German General Lothar von Trotha issued a written extermination order, saying:  “Within the German borders, every Herero, with or without a gun, with or without cattle, will be shot.”

For the last six decades, Germany has atoned and compensated for its historical role in the Holocaust of World War II, paying out an estimated $70 billion to survivors since 1952.   However, a group of determined activists from Namibia has been fighting for recognition of the extermination of their ancestors by the German government in what has been termed the first genocide of the 20th century.

Though often overshadowed by the subsequent Nazi crimes of World War II, Germany’s colonial-era atrocities have recently been put under the spotlight.   Between the 19th and 20th centuries, Imperial Germany administered several parts of Africa including modern-day Togo, Cameroon and Tanzania.   What was then known as German South West Africa (today’s Namibia) is where some of the darkest chapters of Germany’s colonial rule unfolded.   In October 1904, after people from the Herero and Nama tribes launched a rebellion against German colonial settlers in South West Africa, German General Lothar von Trotha issued a written extermination order, saying: “Within the German borders, every Herero, with or without a gun, with or without cattle, will be shot.”  The edict goes on to clarify that women and children would not be spared.  Tens of thousands of Herero and Nama were starved to death in concentration camps in the desert or were massacred between the years of 1904-1908.   It has been estimated that 80 percent of the Herero and Nama people were wiped out in the atrocities.

On July 31, representatives of the Nama and Herero people will descend on New York Southern District Court to see if their quest for retrospective justice will be successful.   In pursuing their case, the Namibians have invoked the Alien Tort Statute, which allows for non-US residents to make a claim in a US court for international law violations.

They call for a full, formal apology from the German government, and reparations that could stretch into the billions.












The leader of one of the terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan was interviewed on the BBC’s Newshour this morning. The interview was conducted by John Simpson, a veteran of the BBC and one of the most highly respected contributors to what is still the world’s biggest news organization. The BBC has more international correspondents than any other news channel.

In the interview, the terrorist leader expressed an interest in joining ISIS, the terrorist group that is operating in both Syria and Iraq. He said that his followers dream of a caliphate in the same way that members of ISIS do, that a caliphate was the only way forward for Islam.

A few days earlier, a friend in California sent me a message, explaining that the name of the leader of ISIS says a great deal about his intent. It’s not his given name but rather the name he has adopted as the self-proclaimed leader of the Caliphate that was declared in June.

His name is Abu Bakr Baghdadi.

Abu Bakr was the leader of the first caliphate after the death of the prophet Mohammed.

Baghdad was the capital of the Caliphate during one of its greatest periods. The whole Muslim world was ruled from Baghdad, currently the capital of Iraq, from 750AD. This period lasted two centuries and was the third caliphate after the prophet.

Clearly, the intent is to restore this caliphate. This would, of course, include Israel. It would also make the caliphate one of the most powerful countries in the world, if not the most powerful. The Baghdad caliphate (often referred to as the Abbasid dynasty) stretched from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east, through Iran and the entire Arab world, which today constitutes 22 different countries. It included all of North Africa.

There were other caliphates right down until 90 years ago when the Ottoman Empire and its sultans were abolished following defeat in World War One.

The dream of a restored caliphate is not new. Nor is the barbarism of its adherents.

For over two hundred years, Islam has been subject to the West. Now, with the West in terminal decline, many Muslims see an opportunity to reorganize the world in accordance with their vision of Islam – that everybody in the world must be a Muslim.

A symbolic blow against the West was struck this weekend, but hardly noticed over the Labor Day weekend, when the abandoned US Embassy in Libya was taken over by Muslim extremists. Islamic extremists also gained ground in Nigeria where Boko Haram took control of Borno’s second largest city

“IS (Islamic State) is the most extreme manifestation of a Muslim response to the history of the past few centuries when the West has been seen to thrive as the Muslim world has declined. One line of thinking blames this on the absence of a caliphate – and of sharia rule.” (The Economist, August 30th, page 42.)

At this critical time, western leaders cannot adjust their thinking quick enough to defend the West. They still live in the past. President Obama said on Friday that the reason all the terrorists are attracted to ISIS is poverty and unemployment in their home countries. This is 1960’s liberal thinking – that every problem is a socio-economic problem that can be solved with bigger and more expensive government programs!

In 2005, when the UK suffered terrorist attacks in London, the four young men responsible all came from affluent backgrounds. The latest Economist points out that: “Poverty does not explain the lure of jihad for Western fighters. Many of them are quite middle class.” (The Economist, August 30th, page 42.) It should be remembered that the 19 men who staged 9/11 were all from wealthy families.

Another example of 60’s thinking was on a domestic British radio program in which ISIS was discussed. A naïve and, frankly, ridiculous comment was made by a woman contributor who said that “everybody knows eventually we are going to have to sit down with the leaders of ISIS and discuss our differences . . . ” (“Any Questions”, Radio 4, August 22nd, paraphrased.)   Sorry to say this, lady, but what’s building up here is very much a case of “kill or be killed,” as Bible prophecy clearly shows.

The King of Saudi Arabia moved 30,000 troops up to the border, fearful of ISIS moving south. He also warned western leaders that ISIS inspired terrorist attacks will take place on their territory.

Could Abu Bakr Baghdadi be the King of the South prophesied in Daniel 11? “At the time of the end, the King of the South shall attack him” (verse 40). The leader of a power south of Jerusalem will push against the King of the North, a power to the north of Jerusalem.

Certainly, Abu Bakr Baghdadi could be the leader of the King of the South. But we need to realize that if Baghdadi is killed, the dream of the Caliphate will not die with him. Osama bin Laden has been dead for more than three years but his dream continues.

It’s a dream that goes back to the seventh century – it’s not going away!