One of the definitions of a twit is “a foolish or annoying person.”  

This describes Prince Harry. 

Although he says he supports the monarchy, even believes in it, he is doing everything he can to destroy it.

Now, with the publication of his book “Spare,” he seems deliberately determined to destroy himself.  

To what am I referring?

The book is not available yet but apparently he claims to have killed 25 Taliban during his two terms in Afghanistan.  A Taliban leader retorted that this is not a game of chess.  They (the Taliban) are in the serious business of giving independence to Afghanistan. He must now be the Number One target of the terrorist movement, which has thousands of supporters just about everywhere.   They could easily stage a terror attack on his home or some other place frequented by the traveling, almost nomadic prince.

I had lunch yesterday with a friend here in Lansing.   I was struck by how he described America as being “broken.”  He used the term two or three times.  It is broken, with Congress at a standstill while it tries to appoint a Speaker to the House of Representatives.  (Matthew 12:25 – “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”)

Two months ago we could have used the same word “broken” to describe the UK, choosing a third prime minister in as many months.  And now, the monarchy, the “rock” (Liz Truss’ word) that unites the kingdom, is faltering due to a spiteful and destructive boy who will do anything to get his way.

Without the monarchy, the United Kingdom would likely fall apart.   So would the Commonwealth Realms and the wider Commonwealth.   Without this wider, global role, there would be no need for the monarchy.  

Surely the prince has learned one thing while living in the US — that a country can do quite well for itself without a royal family; and that people can become rich and famous without a title.


  • One example of how the US is broken is its tax system.  I was reminded of this last week when Donald Trump’s tax returns where posted.   They showed that the billionaire paid no taxes in 2021.  This is not Trump’s fault — it’s very common in the US that the extremely wealthy pay no tax.  And there are plenty of tax havens for them to hide their money.   Warren Buffett said years ago that it was ridiculous that his secretary paid more taxes than he did.  That remains the case.  But then, his secretary, as well as most of us, can’t afford to engage his tax lawyers.
  • I was privileged on three occasions to walk around Buckingham Palace on tour.  The palace opens during the summer months when the Queen lives elsewhere.  One year there was an exhibit of photographs taken during her Commonwealth tours.   I remember one photo taken in Ghana, where my wife and I lived for seven years.   It was a beautiful picture taken in a stadium during a tour she made in 1961.  In the midst of a sea of black faces, there was the Queen, the only white person in the crowd.   Any suggestion that the queen was racist is ridiculous.
  • Similarly, a ridiculous letter appeared in an Australian newspaper.  It was from an Aussie lady who toured the Tower of London.  She wrote that the Crown Jewels illustrated why so many Brits are poor.  It’s because their leader has all these expensive jewels.   The Jewels, madam, belong to the State.  They are not in the Queen’s (or King’s) private possession.    The last time an English leader cashed in the jewels was when Oliver Cromwell sold them all off to raise money for his bankrupt republic.  That was in 1650.   No such attempt has been made since.   We don’t want ignorance on the part of visitors to raise the issue again.  It’s the STATE that’s the reason the people are poor.  Get it straight.  And that’s true everywhere.
  • Once again, a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is being pushed. It will never work.  The Palestinians don’t want it.   They want to take over Israel.   The Israelis do not want it, either, so why keep bringing it up?
  • Be sure to watch a documentary on YouTube produced by DWnews (German news).  It lasts 41 minutes and is on the extreme right in Germany.   It’s bigger than you think.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE:  27 years after the wrist on my right hand was broken in a car accident with a drunk driver, the wrist and hand are bothering me.    Using my hand is quite painful.   I’ve had to curtail activities, including writing my blog.   I have an appointment next week.   Please pray that it can be healed.

5 thoughts on “HARRY IS A TWIT”

  1. Hello Mr Rhodes

    I pray that your wrist will heal – as a 76-year-old I also know how old injuries flare up, especially with barometric change… and arthritis… and overdoing stuff…

    Harry is certainly foolish and annoying, as is his wife. Two of the most entitled people on the planet constantly whinging about their difficulties (those which exist they bring on themselves); it would do Harry a world of good to forget he’s ’the spare’ (thankfully he isn’t the heir!), forget his desire for attention and status and go work with his hands in central Africa, using his wealth to help truly needy people build better lives.

    We live in increasingly interesting times. I wonder if Charles will be a worthy King or if his affiliations with WEF, etc, will sink him into the role of a ‘profane, wicked prince of Israel’? Is the prophecy in Ez. 21:24-27 about this age and this king?

    Shabbat shalom, Mavis


  2. Excellent content. I do enjoy reading them. I will say a prayer for you and hope your appointment goes well.
    FYI, this is William and Barbara Rogers daughter 😀
    Happy Sabbath

  3. Good to see you writing again Mr Rhodes.
    Harry and Meghan seem to embody the spoiled, entitled mentality of both the US (Meghan) and UK (Harry).


  4. Sorry to hear of your wrist problem. Really enjoyed the article on Harry. A great deal off insight. Will ask God for His healing power regarding your wrist and ability to continue writing this very informative blog which I like to follow.

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