My entire family has been hit with a rather vicious bug.  Mercifully, we seem to be taking turns – only 3 down at a time and at least one adult able to tend bodies.  I don’t know what this is but it hits like a ton of bricks, gives you one day and night of abject misery and a few days where the symptoms wane.  I am on day 2.  I’ve got about 2 more to go for the waning.  Daughter just got over it, and 2 grandchildren.  Diane did not get the full wrath of it and two grandchildren are yet to get it.  We visited my other daughter, Alix, and family and so very generously shared it.  She and Evan are down so far.  Kurt and girls are wisely avoiding us like the plague.

Hopefully I will post next week!

4 thoughts on “Apologies – NO BLOG POST THIS WEEK”

  1. That flu bug certainly hasn’t been taking any prisoners, that’s for sure. I’ve had a lot of customers have to reschedule because of it. Hope everyone gets well soon.


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