The Syrian province of Idlib is about to go through what most of the country has already experienced.   It could be Syria’s end game.

Bashir al Assad, backed by Russia, Iran and Turkey, needs to defeat the rebels in Idlib province to regain full control of his country. As the West, including the United States, has made it clear it is not willing to fight for Syria, a victory on the part of the Syrian government could actually end the six-year-old civil war, with a victory for Assad, Iran, Turkey and Russia.

But now Turkey is in disagreement with its allies. Whereas Putin wants to go in for a quick kill, Erdogan fears another flood of refugees crossing into Turkey.

Europeans have the same concern. Refugees and the problems they cause are giving populist parties a real boost in popularity.   It is expected that liberal Sweden may see the Swedish Democrats make significant gains in Sunday’s election.

The Swedish Democrats are frequently labeled “extreme right-wing” by western media, but this is very misleading.   They simply want to preserve Sweden for Swedes. They do not want the Kingdom of Sweden to become the Islamic Republic of Sweden.

Again, it’s not so simple, as a significant number of Swedes welcome refugees and other immigrants, for one reason or another.


While the Islamization of western Europe continues unabated, nations in central and eastern Europe are resisting the invasion. In the process they have to also resist the European Commission, which demands they take in more refugees.

If there are more populist victories in other European countries, it’s difficult to see how the European Union can survive as it is. Something has to give.

Americans may smugly look across the ocean and think, “It can’t happen here!” But this is not the case.

Gradually, an Islamization is taking place here. Quite literally here, in my own backyard.

I notice the difference at my grandchildren’s schools, where an increasing number of women dressed in Islamic attire drop their children off each morning. I also notice it at Aldi, the first stop for immigrants when it comes to shopping. I always feel like I’m in a linguistic minority when I go there. Costco is not that different, now that it’s selling halal meat.   I notice it, too, when I go to our public library. They have a number of small rooms at the side, which people can request for private study. They have always allowed Bible study groups. But now they are allowing Islamic public prayer, as Muslims have started using the side rooms to bow to Mecca at various times of the day. How will it go down if Christians want to publicly pray in these rooms?


I requested a book through the same library, which came in this week. It’s called “Sword and Scimitar,” which gives an overview of “fourteen centuries of war between Islam and the West.” The book is by Raymond Ibrahim, a “scholar of the Middle East and Islam.”

Note the following quote from the cover: “The majority of these landmark battles – including the battles of Yarmuk, Tours, Manzikert, the sieges of Constantinople and Vienna, and the crusades in Syria and Spain – are now forgotten or considered inconsequential.   Yet today, as the West faces a resurgence of this enduring Islamic jihad, Sword and Scimitar provides the needed historical context to understand the current relationship between the West and the Islamic world – and why the Islamic State is merely the latest chapter of an old history.”

(The book looks promising and I will read it as soon as I’ve finished “Rome – a history in seven sackings,” by Matthew Kneale. This contains fascinating historical detail on papal Rome. I do not want to hurry with it. More next week.)

The biblical Book of Daniel prophesies a coming clash between the King of the North and the King of the South (read Daniel 11:40-44). After the fall of the Seleucid dynasty in the first century BCE, the area was absorbed into the Roman Empire. The European Union, founded in Rome, is another attempt at reviving the Roman Empire, making it a successor to the old “King of the North.”   The EU is going through a great deal of turmoil right now, partly because of the current Islamic invasion, the constant “push” by the King of the South, the religion of Islam. “And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him” (Daniel 11:40 KJV).

The King of the South in ancient times was the Ptolomaic Empire ruled from Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra was the last of the Ptolemys, after whom the empire fell into Rome’s hands. The area was conquered in the seventh century by the forces of Islam and is likely going to be a part of the caliphate that forms the King of the South.

It’s becoming clear that the King of the North and the King of the South are heading toward a major clash of civilizations, between the West and Islam.

The West starts off in a position of weakness, as millions of Muslims have made their homes in western countries.   The reverse is not the case, as Islamic countries do not tolerate Christians in the same way western countries tolerate Islam. Immigration is strictly one-way traffic, with the West continually having to dilute its heritage to accommodate new arrivals! Quite often, liberally minded Christians are at the forefront of those supporting this historic invasion.

Some parts of England are now so Islamic, visiting them jolts foreign visitors.

“My first visit was to Tower Hamlets, an East London borough that is about 38% Muslim, among the highest in the UK. As I walked down Whitechapel Road, the adhan, or call to prayer, echoed through the neighborhood. Muslims walked in one direction for jumu-ah, Friday prayer, while non-Muslims went the opposite way. Each group kept its distance and avoided eye contact with the other. A sign was posted on a pole: “Alcohol restricted zone.”

“Women and girls were dressed in hijabs, niqabs and abayas (robes). Some of the males wore skullcaps and thawbs, Arabic tunics, with their trousers tailored just above the ankles as per Muhammed’s example. The scene could have been lifted out of Riyadh, a testament to the Arabization of Britain’s South Asian Muslims.” (“A visit to Islamic England,” by Andy Ngo, Wall St Journal, August 30th).

I can still remember my first visit to London sixty years ago. I don’t remember seeing any Muslims, or any other non-white English people on our visit. Now, London is over 50% non-white, many of whom are Muslims. A few years ago, I walked a few miles through London with a group of friends. When we got thirsty, we looked for a pub to sit down and have a drink. For a considerable distance, all the pubs were permanently closed down, a direct consequence of the Islamic invasion.

How long will it be before America goes the same way?

Katie Hopkins, a conservative English journalist, was in the US recently and spoke to a group in California, warning them not to follow down England’s path. (You can still find her 25-minute speech on Youtube.)

Mark Steyn, a conservative Canadian journalist, now resident in New Hampshire, has written a number of times on how immigration / multiculturalism is now the only issue that matters, as western countries are in danger of ceasing to exist.

Yet our television news is devoted to nothing of any consequence. TV news programs seem more dedicated to bringing down the president than to giving a warning about the threats to America’s existence.   It’s the same in other western nations where laws restrict people from being able to express themselves on the issue of multiculturalism.

Yet there is some hope. Brexit showed that people are still very attached to their own country and to preserving their own culture.   A few months after Brexit, Americans voted similarly in sending Trump to the White House.   Liberals blame just about anybody for this phenomenon, but they only have themselves to blame – the more they push multiculturalism and the liberal leftist agenda, the greater the reaction is going to be.   A backlash is changing governments across Europe.   That backlash is also likely in the UK and the US. Interestingly, all the negativity surrounding Trump does not seem to dent his approval rating — the public no longer has any trust in the media or the liberal, leftist elite that drives the multicultural agenda.

Impending events in Idlib may be the catalyst for a further populist wave. Will Europeans accept millions more refugees? Or will they vote to oust the weak, compromising governments of Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Justin Trudeau and say “enough’s enough!”?



Respect is certainly due Senator John McCain’s war record and his time in public service. However, there was a contradiction in the Senator which has great relevancy on the subject discussed above.

Far from being a conservative, John McCain was quite liberal on immigration.   He was also a fully paid up member of America’s War Party, those who want the US to intervene globally, solving all the world’s problems. These stances have both weakened America; they even compromise America’s future existence.

There is a commonality in both positions. That commonality maybe goes back to the words “All men are created equal.” It’s a misinterpretation of the Declaration of Independence, when the wealthy landowners who wrote the words were rejecting the King of England. They were not saying that anybody from anywhere in the world, regardless of religion and culture, is welcome here, that all can become Americans.

George Washington, in his final address to Congress and the American people, warned Americans to “avoid foreign entanglements.” He should have been heeded by Senator McCain, President George W. Bush and others who were eager to invade Afghanistan and Iraq after September 11th.

America’s role in Afghanistan is still not over, even as the conflict enters its eighteenth year. The US could still follow England and the Soviet Union in “the graveyard of empires.”

The invasion of Iraq is arguably even worse.   Iraq led to the chaos in Syria. The two countries are a major source of refugees who are destabilizing many western nations.

Neither war is over. And there are those who agitate for military action against Iran, a nation with three times Iraq’s population.

The US, a country notorious for forgetting the lessons of history, needs more historians.   President George W. Bush, in his eulogy at McCain’s funeral, described America’s military as a first in world history, “a force for good.-”   What does he think the British military was doing in saving the West (including America) from French despotism under Louis XIV, during the French and Indian Wars and, again, against Napoleon?   A century later, the forces of the British Empire, which included Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Rhodesia and India, all fought for freedom against despotism in both world wars, while America remained on the sidelines. Weren’t these forces also doing “good”?

Nobody should expect all presidents to know their history, but others in the Administration and the State department should know these things and warn against making false claims in speeches.

There was also another major historical fault of the Bush Administration.   When the invasion was planned, the rift between Sunni and Shia was not taken into account. At least one cabinet member claimed it was not mentioned. The US- led invasion upended the roles of the two branches of Islam, which led directly to all the subsequent upheaval, Islamic State and millions of refugees.








2 thoughts on “SYRIAN END GAME”

  1. Good article. In relation to your second to last paragraph. It has been my very recent experience that there are many who now consider it a virtue to purposelessly disregard facts and history, and they get rather angry when forced to defend their positions. In the media world we have seen this played out with the almost complete banning of InfoWars….now personally I don’t visit that site or listen to Alex Jones but I find it interesting that we are beginning to see the silencing of those the State doesn’t approve of.
    In my humble opinion, we are seeing Satan laying the foundation for the appearing of the 2 witnesses. If “snowflakes” absolutely lose it now over a MAGA hat, can you imagine what the world’s reaction is going to be over these two men and the message they are going to proclaim?!?


  2. Hi Melvin. What a lot of information you give your readers. Thank you for all the hard work. I do have some thoughts about your reference to the Book of Daniel. Consider, is the prophecy over and done with and not about our future? If you feel, as I am sure you do, that it is for a future fulfillment, it will color you essays. So, my advice is that you think about the alternative. Read some liberal commentaries.

    I have some chocolate fingers now after reading what you wrote about them. But my sugar diabetes has spiked so they will likely be consumed by Gail

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