At midnight Thursday night the US imposed tariffs on goods from Europe, Canada and Mexico.   The countries of the EU and Canada have been allies of the United States since World War II.

Verbal reaction was swift, with condemnation from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and threats of retaliation from EU leaders.  The President of France declared them “illegal”.  The European response is:  Retaliate, don’t escalate!

It’s not just bad feeling that will result from the decision by President Trump to impose the tariffs.   The tariffs will lead to higher prices on imported goods, both in the US and the EU; unemployment will also increase, over all, though there may be short-term gains in this area.

Although nobody is left alive from the last trade war that afflicted the western world, many leaders are aware that trade conflicts were a contributory factor to World War II.

The trade war is also coming at a bad time, fresh on the heels of the US tearing up the nuclear deal with Iran.   The Europeans did not agree with the US and are continuing to honor the agreement.

There’s bad feeling all round.

After seventy years of the NATO alliance, member nations outside of the US increasingly feel they are not in an alliance with Washington; rather, they are being dictated to as America changes direction on a number of levels.


Newsletter – Dispute Among Friends

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas ended his first official visit to Washington yesterday, without reaching a compromise in the transatlantic dispute over policy on Iran.   “We’re pursuing two completely different paths,” Maas declared following his talks with his counterpart Mike Pompeo and the National Security Advisor John Bolton.  The EU remains unified in their policy approach, which is diametrically opposed to that of the Trump administration. Berlin’s attempts to achieve an independent German-EU policy on Iran opposing Washington’s is particularly applauded by Germany’s strategists in the establishment’s foreign policy sectors. Recommendations of submission to the Trump administration’s threats to use force against Teheran, so as not to jeopardize German companies’ highly profitable business relations with the US, are coming from business circles.   Meanwhile, foreign policy experts recommend developing the euro into an alternative global reserve currency.   This could reduce the USA’s potential to apply pressure on Germany’s economy.   (German Foreign Policy, 5/24)



On Tuesday, a terrorist attacked and killed two policewomen in the Belgian city of Liege.  One of the policewomen was a single mother with twin daughters, aged 13.   A passerby was also killed.   The attacker shouted “Alahu Akhbar” as he stabbed the women repeatedly, then seized one of their guns before shooting at others.

The incident itself was horrific.   But the reaction of the authorities and the media showed how little understanding there is in official circles of the reality of Islamic terrorism.   There was a great deal of speculation as to what “radicalized” the perpetrator of the crime. Was he “radicalized” in prison or on the internet, or what?

After centuries of Islamic conquest and ongoing conflict between Islam and the West, today’s western leaders remain out of touch with reality.   They believe that Islam is a peaceful religion and that only a very small minority of Muslims turn to violence.

What if they are wrong?

Before political correctness, Winston Churchill once said that: ”Islam is more dangerous in a man than rabies in a dog.”

He also observed that:  “A nation that forgets its past has no future.”



Last week, Irish voters decided to legalize abortion, bringing Ireland into line with every other EU country except Poland and Malta, two very Catholic countries.

In the last few years, Ireland, also a Catholic country, has also embraced divorce and gay rights.  Its current prime minister is gay and of Indian descent, two radical departures for the Irish.

But, with a small population, Is it really in the country’s interest to make abortion readily available?

Ireland is simply following other European countries, nations with low birth rates due to abortion and other forms of birth control.

To fill the gap left by those missing babies, the nations of western Europe are importing people from other parts of the world, resulting in serious social problems and terror attacks.

Wouldn’t it be better to simply keep the ban on abortion?



What’s happening in Italy is yet further proof that the EU has a democracy problem.   An entire nation has gone to the polls, yet the vote has been overridden because it delivered the ‘wrong’ result. Europe’s leaders insist they know they must listen to voters, but don’t seem very keen to hear what is being said.  (Freddy Gray, The Spectator, 5/31)




  1. It’s truly sad to know this.unfortunately we do have a moron in office that doesn’t know what he’s doing

  2. Donald Trump is angering Europe and some of our allies because, finally, we have a leader that understands how unfair trade has been for decades. Trump has, for the most part, been attempting to correct the decisions and policies that the USA has been making for many years. By doing this he is angering the globalists and has thrown a huge “monkey wrench” into their agenda. A few examples are the nuclear deal with Iran, the immigration mess, and the unfair trade deals.

    We live in a world that is ruled by evil people and the Evil One is good at what he does. He knows how to use the “right” people to accomplish his goals. It’s all about deception and Satan and the ones he uses can come across as “angels of light” as the Book says. When someone like Trump attempts to right these wrongs the evil and/or deceived leaders get mad.

    There is an old joke that goes something like this: A college professor asks his students; is the biggest problem in the world ignorance or apathy? A student in the back pipes up and says, I don’t know and I don’t care.

    Presently, more than ever before, I believe one can add two other traits to ignorance and apathy; stupidity and dishonesty. ( a better word for dishonesty is lying) Three of the fundamental pillars of society, government, religion, and business are filled with leaders that are stupid, deceived, and/or dishonest, or all three. And many (most) really don’t care about the average person. And many (most) people lack discernment.

    I believe most realize there is much dishonesty (lying) in government and business. This is what President Trump is fighting and for the most part he is attempting to correct the injustice, the unfairness the dishonesty. Although there are exceptions, with human leaders it is ALWAYS (again exceptions) about money and power.

    Since much of the post is also related to religious issues, my final point.

    Even within God’s own Church the New Covenant is chock full of warnings about deception and evil. 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 says: And no wonder for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

    This is all part of the plan of God.

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