Sorry . . . and thanks!

Diane and I have both had the flu this week.  Hopefully, I will feel up to writing a post next week.

Today was my birthday.  I would like to thank all those who sent greetings and wished me a happy birthday.  I am now officially 67.

5 thoughts on “Sorry . . . and thanks!”

  1. Hope you feel better Mr. Rhodes. That latest Flu Bug is a scary thing. I’m coming up right behind you. I’ll be 64 Saturday! I’m glad I’m upright and God is still using me. I enjoy your messages. Take care. Gerald Bilyeu. Portland Or.

  2. Hi Melvin:
    Sorry to hear you had the flu on your birthday. I just had the flu on my birthday this year too. But I’ve passed the big one now.
    Best Regards,

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