Next year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany, an act that is considered the start of the Protestant Reformation.   Luther was particularly upset about the sale of indulgences, whereby wealthy members of the Roman Catholic Church could buy a certificate, which would reduce the time they would spend in purgatory, itself an invention of the church.

The revolution that Luther started soon spread to other countries.

Europe has seen a number of revolutions that have spread from nation to nation, leading to significant change.   1989 was one such year when communist governments in Eastern Europe were brought down by the people they claimed to represent.   1918 was another such year, as World War One ended and ancient monarchies were overthrown.   Going back further, in 1848, revolutions took place across Europe as the people demanded more democracy.

This year started another revolution that could spread.   The vote for Brexit in the United Kingdom was a vote against globalization and mutliculturalism and the elites who have forced these upon the people.   A second Brexit may follow in a few days when the US holds its presidential election.   A victory for Donald Trump will be a vote against globalization and multiculturalism; a vote for Mrs. Clinton will be a vote for continuity, for more of the same, led by the same elites that have dominated for five decades.

Like the Church 500 years ago, the Clintons have been selling indulgences.   For a gift of a few million dollars to their own private Foundation, foreign leaders were granted access to Mrs. Clinton, then Secretary of State.   “Government for sale” does not sit well with the American people – she may very well lose the election because of the ensuing scandal.

Donald Trump has his problems, too, particularly with women. He is not winning the female vote due to his reputation as what was once called a “male chauvinist pig.”  He has also made outlandish remarks in the past that have led many to conclude he is not suited to the presidency.

The following letter from our local newspaper sums up the dilemma that many voters face:

“Being a voter this year is kind of like being a condemned man the warden likes so he lets you choose the method of your death.  Donald Trump is a sexist pig, (Bill Clinton is, too) and he has the maturity of a 10 year old.  Hillary C is a pathological liar who is probably already selling ambassador jobs for a “contribution” to the Clinton Foundation.  If characters were gun powder, these two combined would not have enough to kill a fly.  Someone will smile and be declared the winner Nov 8.  We’re all losers with these two wretched candidates.”  (Lansing State Journal)

In four days it should all be over.

Mr. Trump has claimed the voting is rigged.   While there may or may not be problems in the voting booth (both before and after), voting is rigged in at least two ways.

Firstly, media bias, which manifests itself in many ways.   The mass media in the United States is overwhelmingly supportive of the Democrats.   Fox News is the only television network that is different and it’s only available on cable. One example of bias was just this morning. Fox showed footage of illegal immigrants crossing into the US across the southern border, in a last-minute attempt to get in before Trump builds his wall; such footage would sway many Americans to vote for Trump so, naturally, nothing was said or shown on the main TV networks.  If the electorate knew that 1,000 people a day are now crossing illegally into their country, they would be alarmed.

Another example of bias is from the New York Times, which did not even mention Hillary Clinton’s problems with her emails until it had to.   I’ve been reading the Sunday editions of the Times for a few weeks and it is clearly one-sided.

Secondly, there is another way in which the election is rigged.   Immigration.

It was the Democrats who brought in the 1965 Immigration Act which has flooded the country with people from developing countries, most of whom support big government programs and vote for the Democrats at every election.   Every four years when a presidential election is held, the percentage of whites is down a further 1% — it is the white population that has dominated America in the past.   They generally support traditional free enterprise and small government.

There are an estimated 11 million illegal aliens in the country. Mrs. Clinton favors a fast-track to citizenship, enabling them all to vote for her party; Mr. Trump wants them to return home and then apply for legal entry.

Elections are always difficult to predict, but I will say one thing for the benefit of those who live outside of the United States – there are more Trump signs on front lawns than there are Clinton signs.   There may be a lot of silent Trump supporters, people even who have never voted and are therefore not receiving calls from pollsters.

One final thought: whoever loses only has himself or herself to blame.   A biblical principle that keeps coming to mind is found in Numbers 32:23:   “be sure your sins will find you out.”   Whoever loses will be losing partly because of personal indiscretions.

This brings us back to the Roman Church and Martin Luther.   At the time, the corruption in the Church was pervasive – from the top down, popes, cardinals, archbishops and priests all had their fingers in the pie.   The result was rebellion on the part of the people.   The descendants of those same people today have the same attitude toward the elites that have grown fat at their expense.

This is what Brexit was all about.   It’s also the biggest issue in the US election.

But Brexit was not the end of the matter. In the United Kingdom, the elites are putting up a fight to reverse Brexit.  A decision of the High Court on Wednesday ruled that parliament must vote on the issue before the country can apply to leave the EU.  As two-thirds of the members of parliament are against Brexit, this is a definite blow to a people who want freedom from globalization and multiculturalism.   Theresa May, the UK’s prime minister, will appeal the decision to the country’s Supreme Court.   Mrs. May herself was against Brexit when the vote was taken in June, but now stresses that the will of the people must be upheld.

The globalist elites will resist change just as the kings did decades ago.   A Trump victory will be challenged in every way – if elected, he will not find it easy to “drain the swamp”!

At stake is America’s leadership of the western world.   Sixty years ago this week Britain and France invaded Egypt in an attempt to get back control of the Suez Canal, which they had built and owned.   US intervention ended the conflict.  It was, effectively, the end of the British and French Empires.   It’s a sobering reminder to Americans that just one error of judgment, particularly in the Middle East, can bring down the American Empire.   Don’t think it cannot happen to the United States.

5 thoughts on “BREXIT 2 AND MARTIN LUTHER”

  1. Excellent commentary Melvin.
    We in the rest of the world are all holding our breath, in anticipation of which of the two corrupt US candidates will rule …and will then be able to meet with so many other corrupt leaders of our corrupt World.

    Seems like, whoever wins, it will be a win for more corruption being the new celebrity vogue …and a pattern for others to follow.

    More chaos and greater immorality likely to follow that lead.

    Keep up your incisive blogs.
    You are doing a good job of them.

  2. Another excellent and timely article.
    In regards to political signs, we just returned recently from Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and I was amazed at all the “Vote Trump” signs, it seemed that there was one in just about every yard. We stopped at a Corn Maze on 321 right outside Wears Valley and the maze was designed as an American flag with “Make America Great Again” above and below. Here in the FL panhandle there are thousands of Trump signs….many are home-made.
    It will be interesting to see what impact the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Protestant Reformation will have on Europe.
    I would strongly suggest people watch the movie “Luther” if you haven’t already.

  3. Yes, excellent points.

    I’m wondering why Trump is not making more of your comment, “If the electorate knew that 1,000 people a day are now crossing illegally into their country, they would be alarmed.”

    Perhaps, finally, more people are waking up to the reality of the globalists agenda. It is amazing that Trump has gotten this close to winning (and I think he still might win) considering that he is opposed by the mainstream and almost all cable media, the Establlishment (which includes many high level Republicans), top internet sources, etc.

    The demographics of the United States are changing quickly and “democracy,” which we have never really had is, in many ways, not an intelligent form of government. That said, it is good to see many of the “deplorables” with the basic intelligence to see the absolute need for Trump at this time. Yes, he has been, and perhaps still is, a narcissist, but his desire to change the course of this country for the bettter should not be in doubt. It would be interesting to see what he could do as President considering how corrupt and entrenched this incredibly corrupt system is.

    The Bible makes clear (but people do not want to believe it) human governments are always corrupt. Today, with technology, this corruption has increased 1000 fold. There is significant corruption everywhere. In government, corporations, education, church. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. There is always some leavening. What this is saying is the leavening/evil has gotten so significant that virtually any chance of “draining the swamp” is impossible-by man.

    The Clinton/Obama desire is the Globalist agenda, to remove the last obstacle to a one world goverment, which is this country. As you mention, the British people surprised the “establishment elites.” The elites are still trying to reverse that decision.

    Still a lot of decent people in this country. Many of them just don’t vote anymore because they have lost hope. That is probably a realistic perspective. But it still would be interesting to see what might happen if Trump wins.

  4. trump MUST win! The media has NOT controlled my thoughts with their pro-Clinton, pro-transgender, pro-abortion viewpoints, and pro Muslim immigration! It’s not right that I have to tell my young child that all these things are WRONG for our country and Christianity, when the media glorifies it. I am unsubscribing to all the cable channels after the election. I get better news coverage via Internet and Sean Hannity on the radio.

    I would say I have seen probably 50 Trump signs locally here in Illinois, and only 1 Clinton sign. Although I did see a Clinton sign this morning on the way into town, and was surprised, but at closer evaluation I saw they used red duct tape to put a big cross over Clintons name! And there is one Hillary for Prison sign in the area…

    I have pneumonia right now, but I WILL make it out to vote for Trump.

  5. Thank you, Mel, for another thought-provoking Blog. Perhaps the parallels are even more profound. Consider this.

    Just as Luther’s equivalent of a “referendum against the Establishment” evoked a heavy handed response from the Vatican (aka Holy Roman Empire), and the Brexit demand of the People is rejected by two thirds of the Parliament, I believe we’ll see a similar knee-jerk response from the Washington Establishment (and Wall Street). I’ll explain.

    Luther was popularly respected among the People. Once he took his stand against the establishment of the day, Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Germany,issued the famous Edict of Worms declaring Luther an outlaw and a heretic and giving permission for anyone to kill him without consequence. The “establishment” tried to subdue the “revolt” by cutting of the head (Luther).

    Similarly, the “rebellion” of the Brits against globalization will be declared null & void (outlawed) by the majority of Parliament because the Elite will not lie down and give up their investments into the master plan of Globalization. Of course, Multiculturalism is the key method of getting the world to accept globalization. Incidentally, PM May can politically side with the Popular Vote because it doesn’t matter to the Parliament’s decision; but it’s politically expedient and sets her up for a positive outcome for her, next election.

    In like manner, if Trump wins today, when the Polls open in a few hours (I personally believe he will win handily) …the Establishment of the day will reject him, his policies, and vigorously resist by trying to Outlaw this “referendum of the People” by nullifying him via the new Democrat majority Senate. (Currently, they only need 5 Dems for Senate whereas the GOP needs 22 to keep a majority).

    Like Luther, Trump is reviled by the Elite, who want to destroy him via the News Media, Social Media, Hollywood, Music Culture, DOJ, FBI, the Political Establishment, Wall Street, and even the Executive Office. As you said, the corruption is pervasive. They all have a vested interest in the Globalization process. Trump is the “fly in their ointment”. He is the final bastion which stands in the way of Globalization and the well-funded Establishment wants to dominate the Global Market Place. That’s why Secretary John Kerry is going to heads of State to tell them, “Imagine …a world without borders.” HRC herself has suggested the same to South & Central American governments.

    Finally, the Immigration crisis is a manufactured crisis because Multiculturalism must be accepted as the playing field is leveled, no single country can be greater than another, therefore military presence must be reduced, too. Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement must go through, and the USA (5% of the world’s population owning 80% of the world’s wealth) must have its wealth re-distributed globally. All of this must happen in order for the world to relax their borders and embrace Globalization. BTW, even the Social/Cultural acceptance of Abortions, Trans-genderism and dismantling of the Institution of Marriage must be eliminated as Multiculturalism must have their beliefs and gods accepted and not condemned. The new world order must be respected as the Establishment transitions into new positions of power and wealth. However, somehow the New World Order (Globalization) must find their spiritual component to become complete. Evidently, there must be a world crisis to stimulate it. We’ll see.

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