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We’re back from our family visit to England.   We had a great time with my brothers and their families.   It would be wonderful to do it more often.

It was an interesting time to be there.   Just over a week after we arrived, the Daily Mail newspaper carried the banner headline: “Another day, yet another terror attack.”  A number of attacks on French and German targets took place while we were on the other side of the Atlantic.

An attack on foreign tourists in London on Wednesday evening resulted in the death of a 64-year-old American lady.   As with some of the incidents in France and Germany, terrorism was not blamed. Rather, the perpetrator, a Norwegian of Somali ancestry, had some “mental issues.”   The majority of British people do not accept this, pointing out that the attacker is a Muslim.   It turns out that he has “recommended jihad terror books,” according to one source quoted on the Fox News website this afternoon.

Governments have no idea what to do.   At the same time, the media does not understand what is happening – every tragic event is either excused or seen through the prism of political correctness.  There remains no comprehension that the West is under attack from Islam, as it has been a number of times in history.

The goal is the conquest of the West – the security situation can only get worse.

Speaking on Thursday July 28th, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, clearly does not see any connection between her open door policy toward refugees and the recent terror attacks, at least two of which were perpetrated by new arrivals into the country.   Such blindness defies all logic.   It’s the same in France. And in the United States, for that matter, where the Obama Administration has repeated its plan to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country, in spite of fears of terrorism.   Perhaps the president is trying to atone for letting Syria down in the first place!

My favorite historian, Niall Ferguson, a Scot who has lived in the US for some years, tweeted the following yesterday:  “The next POTUS needs a Council of Historical Advisers to help the United States of Amnesia learn from the past.”   He added the famous quote:  “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”   The United States of Amnesia is a good one and totally appropriate.   Mr. Ferguson is not likely to be aware that many believe America’s biblical name to be “Manasseh,” which means “causing to forget.”

ISIS has been behind 141 terror attacks in the last 30 days, yet the President and Secretary of State say we have them on the run.   In addition, there have been other non-ISIS attacks, like the young man in Munich who killed 9 people, including seven teenagers, at a MacDonald’s in a Mall in the German city.   He was German born but of Iranian descent. A shi’ite Muslim, he’s not likely to have been influenced by ISIS, but he was still a Muslim.

It has become apparent that French security services are lacking when it comes to preventing attacks.  How could a large truck enter a vacation area in Nice and mow down 84 people, including ten children?   A few well-placed concrete blocks would have prevented the attack.   Apparently, there are six security agencies operating in France and they don’t tend to co-operate.   The country urgently needs an MI6 or a Department of Homeland Security, to bring all the agencies under one security umbrella.

So now all four major western powers have been attacked – the US, UK, France and Germany.   The last two have elections next year. Fear of further attacks could bring more right-wing parties to power. In turn, this could lead to a change of policy.   Instead of allowing in unlimited numbers of migrants, some of whom are inclined toward terrorism, borders may close and countries start hitting back.

Professor Samuel Huntington predicted over twenty years ago a “coming clash of civilizations” between Islam and the post-Christian West.  This is what we see developing now.

The biblical book of Daniel prophesied the same development 2,500 years ago.   In chapter 11 we read of the King of the North and the King of the South.   These were two dynasties that succeeded Alexander the Great in the fourth century BC.   These two powers frequently warred against each other.   Each time they did so, the Jews were caught in the middle.

The prophecy is that today’s modern successors, Europe and the Islamic world, (North and South), will clash.  You can read about this beginning in verse 40:   “At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through.”

An attack on July 25th was of particular interest.   It was the first time the Church was attacked.   An elderly Catholic priest in a village near Rouen had his throat slit while officiating at mass.   His two killers got up and preached a sermon in Arabic.   They were later shot by the police.

The pope did not respond with any threats.  He did say “we are at war,” but the war he was referring to was a vague war on poverty and deprivation.   Calling on Europe to open its borders further, the pontiff seemed as clueless as many politicians in his response, referring to Islam and Christianity as “religions of peace.”

These two “religions of peace” have warred against each other on and off throughout history.   In 1095, also in northern France, Pope Urban II called on European leaders to launch “a crusade” against Islam, in defense of Christians in the Holy Land.   The Crusades lasted two centuries.   Their legacy remains with us to this day. Further conflict came in the 16th and 17th centuries.  Renewed conflict between the two religions could erupt again if Islamists keep provoking the Church.

It’s not just the “United States of Amnesia” that needs some historical advisors.   Every government in western Europe, every president and prime minister and even the pope could all do with some history lessons.  They need to see Islam in its historical setting to learn that the religion is expansionist – imperialist, in fact, and that the West is now at war with Islam, even though few seem to realize it.

6 thoughts on “TERROR IN EUROPE”

  1. Mel puts up an interesting idea which is quite current in the blogosphere. That is that those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat mistakes of the past. But is this really so? It seems an impossible question to ask. How could anyone question such a certainty. Well, here goes my reply; For many years I have, as it were, taken up the mantle of Dr. Herman L. Hoeh in respect of his Historical Researches. In doing so I have come across a few apparent cases of God using or re-cycling events. There are many examples:Sargon, Moses, Cyrus, etc. The real interesting part is the bit where we question each apparent repeat of an historic failure (strangely never a success) to see whether it is a re-cycle of an event – done under divine control – or as in the saying. I suppose a careful examination might yield a surprising re-appraisal of the premises of our saying and we may be more cautious in drawing on this aphorism as a guide to understanding our around.

  2. So, the pope is like the cheese in a rat trap. Peace, peace….. I am of a peaceful group. Come in and be with us. Only they come to destroy. Then, the pope says to the populist “Let me lead you, for I am peace.” The world led like lambs to the slaughter, led by the pope, who uses guile to promote one world gov’t., that he controls. So, why wouldn’t he give himself the persona of being concerned for the poor?

    1. Well, it is hard to argue against your case. I would say that the world is changing in VERY dramatic ways. Various elite groups are on the run. The White Dragon Society has put one ton of gold (high grade) to be delivered on proof in Hong Kong, I believe it is HK, for their removal from obstructing a more open society. The list of names is published at Ben Fulford’s website. Where the Pope fits in all the change is dependent on among other influences; Jesuits, masonic lodges, etc. The Pope may be trying, humanly, to take advantage in this fluid state to advance the social situation for the poor – as he defines it. But we know all the truth on this matter.

  3. “Niall Ferguson, a Scot who has lived in the US for some years, tweeted the following yesterday: “The next POTUS needs a Council of Historical Advisers to help the United States of Amnesia learn from the past.” . . . . . The United States of Amnesia is a good one and totally appropriate. ”

    This epithet was coined by Gore Vidal: “We are the United States of Amnesia, we learn nothing because we remember nothing.” (Vidal was also inspired to refer to the increasingly, and obviously, demented Ronald Reagan as “our acting President”!)

    I suspect that academics as widely-read as Allison and Ferguson (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/09/dont-know-much-about-history/492746/?utm_source=atltw) are would know the source of this quote, but I can’t see either of them giving due credit to Vidal, that trenchant critic of the American political class, many of whom he knew personally.

    Moreover, I don’t hold much hope for the quality of analysis that would be provided by Ferguson’s proposed “Council of Historical Advisors”. In the Atlantic article linked to above the authors write “When we searched for historical analogues to ISIS, we came up with some 50 groups that were similarly brutal, fanatical, and purpose-driven, including the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution.”

    This not only demonstrates a woeful ignorance of (or a mendacious misrepresentation of) the role of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, but in the sentence immediately prior to the one just quoted they suggest that ISIS “may even be a classic acephalous network”. So these geniuses are characterizing the organization of the Bolsheviks under the leadership of Lenin, Bogdanov and (later) Trotsky et. al., and (even later) under the tyranny of Stalin as “a classic acephalous network”! What frauds!

    Still, I suppose even such impoverished historical awareness as this could hardly give rise to an American foreign policy that is more disastrous than that which has been implemented over the last few decades. It is, moreover, hardly surprising coming from a pair who, in the same Atlantic article, quote approvingly the words of Henry Kissinger of all people, and refer to him as “the most influential modern practitioner of applied history”.

    1. Lana, thanks. One could easily conclude that Finian Cunningham’s recent piece in Sputnik is right on the mark. Link = http://sputniknews.com/columnists/20160809/1044091435/political-assassination-american-way.html.
      At this time I just want give a notice that I will be leaving the Social Media arena in Oct, 2016. I started in earnest two years ago post-Feast and set myself two years. I would therefore like to publicly thank Mel Rhodes for his willingness to open his blog to comment. Well done.

    2. Since you appear to appreciate Vidal’s opinion you may be aware that he wrote the foreword to the small but devastating book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” by Israel Shahak (pluto Press 1994) Have you read it ?

      Who financed the Bolsheviks then and ISIS now ? Henry K certainly IS “the most influential modern practitioner of applied history”. Jewish history that is.
      Substitute Pharisee for Academic & matters are simplified.

      Mel Rhodes grasp of history seems to be philosemitic, hence commenting on the symptoms rather than the disease which is attacking the world. Only antidote to Talmud is the New Testament.

      Lamenting American foreign policy without comprehending that it is the application of Israeli national policy by proxy ensures continued historical blindness as to cause and effect.

      The degrading spectacle of the American Congress repeatedly applauding (over 20 standing ovations by memory) the speech by Netanayu a few years ago certainly left no doubt in my mind as to whose interests are being served by your “elected representatives”.

      I only visited this blog via Origin of Nations site, not likely to return, but wish you all the best of luck for the future you’re all living in now while waiting for the past to arrive.

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