Secretary of State John Kerry
Secretary of State John Kerry

Now I understand!

After the latest terror attack on Istanbul airport and a death toll that’s already 41, with over 200 injured, US Secretary of State John Kerry, says that the increase in the number of terrorist attacks represents “weakness” on the part of ISIS – sorry, ISIL (we shouldn’t mention Syria, the Administration’s biggest single foreign policy failure!).

Just last week, the Administration tried to remove all references to Islam, the Quran and the IS leader, in an attempt to water down the Orlando attack.

A short video I saw yesterday showed a journalist interviewing youngish (18-34) people on the streets of Brooklyn, asking them who was behind the Orlando shootings.  Not one thought the attack had anything to do with Islam; blame was placed on the Republicans! It seems to me that the US is singularly incapable of dealing with the greatest security threat to the West since World War II.

The month of Ramadan still has some time to go, so expect more terror attacks.   It’s just their way of celebrating holy days!



“One thing is certain:   Britain’s departure from the European Union will not make the union more democratic.   The hierarchical structure of its supranational institutions will want to reinforce itself:  Like all dying ideologies, the union knows only how to forge blindly ahead.   The roles are already cast — Germany will lead the way, and France will obligingly tag along.

Here is a sign:   President François Hollande of France, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy and acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain take their lead directly from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, without running through Brussels.   A quip attributed to Henry Kissinger, “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” now has a clear answer:   Call Berlin.”

(Marine LePen,   “After Brexit, the People’s Spring is inevitable.  NY Times, 28th June.”)

Nietzsche, German philosopher: “The German is an expert on secret paths to chaos.” 



Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, never misses an opportunity to push for Scotland to break away from the United Kingdom.

She’s on the continent today talking to EU officials about keeping her country in the EU.   62% of Scots voted to “Remain” in the EU.   If something can be worked out with the EU, Scotland could remain in the organization, while England would be outside of it.   This could only happen with a break-up of the United Kingdom.

Ms. Sturgeon’s scheming with EU leaders would have been treason not so long ago!

Prior to the two kingdoms uniting under one king, back in 1603, Scotland posed a major security threat to England.   Remember Mary, Queen of Scots?

The worst-case scenario following Brexit is that Scotland and Northern Ireland will leave the United Kingdom and remain in the European Union, with Berlin as its new de facto capital.

Can you imagine what this would have meant for Winston Churchill in World War II?

Long-term this development could be a major security concern for England.

Perhaps a future John Kerry type British Foreign Secretary could put a positive spin on this.   No doubt a Scottish death-blow to the United Kingdom is really a good thing!



Donald Trump has been very supportive of Britain’s Brexit vote, promising a speedy trade deal with the UK (or what’s left of the UK) if he becomes president.   He is hoping Americans will vote the same way in November – to reject globalization and internationalism and “make America great again.”

This could be very interesting – the two English-speaking powers lined up against the EU globalist socialists.

The European Union has even gone so far as to stop the use of English in meetings.   This will, in effect, make their meetings more secretive as foreign languages have never been a strong point of the Anglo-Saxons!



Another threat posed to England comes from the new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim to hold the post.   Twenty years ago it wouldn’t have mattered as the role was ceremonial.   Then, the law was changed to make London and other major metropolitan centers, more like New York and other US cities, granting the Mayor an executive role.

Mr. Sadiq’s first decision was to ban ads showing women in swimsuits on British Transport, including the London Underground.

No vote was taken on this.  It’s a clear case of Mr. Sadiq forcing his Islamic beliefs on non-Muslims.

He would also like to take London out of the United Kingdom so that it can continue its association with the European Union.

What a mess!   No wonder David Cameron has quit.

Syndicated anti-Trump columnist Kathleen Parker observed:   “His resignation essentially marked the death of the establishment and a rebirth of people who have risen in protest of a world they refuse to accept” (“Brexit – meet Trexit – Trump’s political rise”  (LSJ, 6/28).

The two recent prime ministers who have contributed most to this mess are Mr. Cameron and Tony Blair.   It was Mr. Blair who let Scotland have its own parliament, laying the groundwork for the latest attempt to break away.   Then David Cameron called the referendum.

We should not, however, forget Edward Heath, who was PM from 1970-74.  He’s the one who took the kingdom into Europe, one of the biggest mistakes the country ever made.  IMO.



Pressured by Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton declared a few days ago that she is a Methodist.

The United Methodist Church in America came out last month against abortion, a decision that is not binding on members.   The majority of delegates, however, felt strongly enough on the issue to make a statement.   Since 1973 the church had been supportive of Roe vs Wade.

Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, is pro-abortion.   Even more so than the average person as she believes abortion should be available in the third trimester.

This is murder – the murder of innocent children.

It’s hard for me to understand how anybody calling themselves “Christian” can support abortion.   The Bible tells us that children are a blessing.   They are not an inconvenience, which is what abortion is all about.

Psalm 127:3 says:   “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”


























  1. Why is IS bombing Turkey? Erdogan’s son was involved earlier in trading oil with IS. Erdogan was opposed to Israel, now he is friends. Why did Erdogan apologize to Russia? Both Erdogan and IS are Sunni. What’s it all about? One solution is that two potential caliphs are fighting it out to be if not the Mahdi a new caliph. Erdogan is gathering as many allies as he can. Have you seen any comments in this line?

    1. I believe that the resumption of trade and tourism between Russia and the Middle East, specifically Turkey, may not be in Al Queada Iraq or its later incarnations’ self-focussed interests. So bombing the main Airport that caters for trade and tourism is a warning that any who co-operate with Russia and thereby Turkey to make the raproachment work are in for trouble.

  2. Islam is no more an enemy than Catholicism or even Orthodoxy. Let us see why. Islam has been shown in my discussion with Downunder at Jim Stone’s Forum as a sect of the true Church. One could contend that Catholicism is the Mysteries re-invented and so also false. Orthodoxy might be said to derive from the removed Ephesus Church – again another false religion. In 2003, 1 in Tishri the wall of lies and deceit fell. Since false religion relies on deceit we can say that Islam is as impotent as any other religion. Doesn’t Scripture ‘come out of her and be separate’? What better time than now?
    Islam is not the enemy therefore – it is a patsy. Have we so soon forgotten Lee Harvey Oswald? We should respect his death as a false flag in the sense of introducing to the American public the lone-nut theory of political assassination. If we treat his death as an idle thing we will fall into a belief, when we now don’t have to, that Islamic lone-nuts are running loose instead of political assasins.

  3. Donald Trump is not the anointed Presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton is. See Brother Nathaniel for many interesting facts in support of this assertion. If sufficient diebold votes are cast it will be impossible for Trump assuming he isn’t replaced by an unknown choice at the RNC. If Hillary uses the 2017 buildup to war with Russia she will have destroyed the bulwark against U. S. corporate rule worldwide. America will be destroyed since Corporations are not loyal but global in scope and they will devour what remains of America.

  4. My understanding is that Mr Heath was vulnerable so-to-speak. The CIA, if I am not ill-informed, applied some blackmail to ‘guide’ Mr Heath’s decision-making. I personally believe he did not have in his heart to go into Europe and thus is more sinned against than sinning so-to-speak.

  5. I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God from 1973 to Nov, 1997 our last day at Church services. We believed that God had flashed the lights (as any member of the WCG will remember occurred just before the hall was closed up) at the previous service. During this time and before as a donor we had little opportunity to earn sufficient money to have children. Given the evil of compulsory state education, vaccinations and other social gifts from free-enterprise systems we probably have come out well. However, in a sense we have suffered ‘social abortion’ from pro-abortion advocates as well as antis.

  6. David, the reason the islamic state attacked Turkey is the same reason they attack and kill other muslims….they consider them heretics. The islamic state is just that, a State. They call it the Caliphate and it is ruled by a single ruler, the Calif. You are then left with two other groups of human beings inhabiting the Earth 1) Infidels, those who don’t adhere to islam as the true religion 2) Apostates, those muslims who don’t submit to the Caliphate. Infidels have the choice to grasp the “true religion” or pay the tax, the jizya. Heretics or apostates have only one fate and that is death. That is why you have seen so many instances in the news where IS’s forces simply round up muslims and kill them. Put it this way, if you had an IS thug in a room with you and an apostate muslim (using IS’s standards) and he had ONE bullet, he’s use it on the apostate.
    A real good article to read in order to understand the workings of the islamic state is the Atlantic article entitled What Does ISIS Want?, a quick Google search will find it for you.

  7. Good point. The WCG in its hey day crossed The Muslim Brotherhood if I am not mis-informed. A prelate was sent to investigate (possibly the RCG) and gave a most negative report. THE true Church was now castigated as infidels – a disgusting and revolting piece of evil-reporting.

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