MORE FINAL WORDS (THE final word??)


The BBC announced yesterday that the European Union wants to ban the electric tea-kettle, on the grounds that it is not energy efficient.

This is the latest example of the petty bureaucracy that is typical of the EU.   The socialist super state wants to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.

They have been meddling in people’s lives for decades. Now, their meddling has become decidedly personal. When they want to regulate the English cuppa, it’s definitely time to vote “Leave.”

They should remember that tea was a major factor in the American struggle for independence!


3 thoughts on “MORE FINAL WORDS (THE final word??)”

  1. English tradition is reluctant to up grade the tea pot. To boil the water historically they have used wood, peat, coal and gas before electric with no complaint. The English being tradition minded are therefore open to change in this regard? They are smart! During my 35 plus years as a field service representative for EASCO SPARCATRON EDM visiting three continents, I have noticed electric tea pots plugged in behind many machine tools. They look just like the one posted. In Gananoque. Ontario @ STELCO, on River Street, Harry Whiteside pointed saying..”We plug the bloody thin to the machine tool when it was purchased in 1960″! The tea pot incredibility unsanitary containing vintage lime most of the time always on and boiled dry. The machine operator in his thick scot/Irish accent said “Good hand warmer in January” The Germans in the EU are correct in saying the electric tea pot is not energy efficient. Maybe the EU in dealing with the English want to avoid contention by not suggesting improvements to tradition? Question…Are they ignorant of a market they haven’t apparently researched? What is lacking in “EU old country” is invention. Why not plumb the thin to a the public water works with an appropriate water filter? Make the system to produce boiling water on demand only…with no storage tank to keep water hot enough for tea? Then use a thermal container to steep the tea.
    To keep traditionalist happy…retain the outward ornate appearance. This could be the best invention in the UK since the water wheel. We would all hope this invention would be manufactured in the UK and not China…..

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