Jo Cox

The street murder of Jo Cox, a British Member of Parliament (M.P.), a few days ago, is having a big impact on the Brexit vote due on Thursday.

Until the murder, the “Leave” campaign was winning in the polls; now the “Remain” vote is gaining steam.

The killer, a middle aged white man, was motivated by politics, making this an assassination.   He shouted out “Put Britain First” as he was killing her.   His action showed the frustration of many people his age who are concerned that they are losing their country, that England is being taken over by migrants and its independence seriously threatened by the European Union.

Jo Cox was in favor of Britain remaining in the EU; she was also very supportive of Britain taking in more Syrian refugees.   At the same time, she seemed oblivious to the grooming of young white girls by older Muslim males in her own backyard, a scandal that has received a great deal of coverage in the press.

This is a classic example of “The Dream and the Nightmare,” the dream being the social engineering of the liberal-leftist Establishment; the nightmare the frightening consequences that ordinary people have to live through as they try to cope.   The politicians behind these decisions live in their affluent suburbs away from those consequences and never have to face the reality.

If the vote Thursday is to “Remain” in the EU, it will not be the end of the white English backlash against globalization.

Monday’s Wall St Journal reported that global stock markets and the British currency have both risen around the world due to increased expectation of a pro-EU vote.  The globalists have loved the EU ever since its inception in the late 1950’s, when it was called the European Economic Community.   At that time, it was more a trading bloc.   Renamed the European Union in 1991, it is now progressively and increasingly a very socialist super-state.   65% of the laws that are imposed on the British people now come from the European parliament, not from London.   As Germany is the dominant power in the EU, Berlin dictates to London via Brussels, a situation unthinkable not so long ago.

Some have rather unkindly referred to the EU as the “fourth reich,” the fourth attempt at a German Empire in Europe.  The first reich was established by the Emperor Charlemagne in 800 AD and lasted for over one thousand years, until 1806 when Napoleon had it abolished.    This empire was composed of a motley assortment of nations, each with its own relationship with the central authority, from 1438 a Habsburg, the German-speaking family that dominated central Europe until 1918.

The second reich was the Hohenzollern dynasty of the Kaisers (1871-1918).   Its collapse at the end of World War One led to the democratic experiment of the ill-fated Weimar Republic.

Hitler’s Third Reich, a promised second attempt at an empire that would last a thousand years, replaced Weimar but only lasted twelve years, defeated in the rubble of World War II.

The European Union was meant to end European wars by containing Germany and keeping Germany and France in a close economic union.   The reality is that Germany has once again become the dominant nation of Europe.   This fourth German reich is nothing like the last one.   In many ways, Germany is a model nation and has done a great deal of good around the world.   But, still, non-Germans don’t want German domination.

It was the 1957 Treaty of Rome, which laid the foundation of the EU.   Two thousand years earlier, Rome had united most of Europe forcefully.   Roman Empire

Following the fall of the Roman Empire in the late fifth century, there have always been those who wanted to revive the Roman Empire.   In 800 Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of the West.   The Habsburgs ruled central Europe as “Roman Emperors,”   More recently, in 1922, Mussolini proclaimed the restoration of the Roman Empire.   The Treaty of Rome followed just 35 years later.

These revivals of the Roman Empire were actually prophesied in the Bible.   Students of the Bible are aware that there is to be a final resurrection of the Roman Empire.   You can read about it in Revelation 17:12-14.   This passage shows that ten kings, or nations, will come together to form this final version of the ancient Roman Empire.   It will clearly be the final revival as the Kingdom of God is established shortly after it.   Also note, it’s not going to be the 28 countries that form the EU.

In the event of a Brexit on Thursday, perhaps we will start to see the EU unravel, to be replaced by the ten-nation union that the Bible talks about.



  1. Thank you for reminding us of the teaching of Mr Armstrong and perhaps going back to Mr Allen. It is interesting to see Napoleon was ignored in your treatise. I believe that current thinking is that the U. S. was the founder of the European Union in the late 40’ and early 50s, etc. I believe that the CIA was deeply involved. The Europeans as I understand it are subjected to CIA oversight of their MSM at the critical editorial level. I believe the SVR has identified a Mr Sanchez as the asset involved in Mr Trump assassination (which they prevented) and the Jo Cox death. Mr Sanchez is a retired CIA officer. Since the CIA is determining, in a sense, what the British people will do it appears any attempt at revolt will be met with many influential Brits being possibly suicided.
    I therefore cannot see British Secret Service officers allowing David Cameron and others to have ‘car accidents’ and thus the very deepest hidden parts of UK government will act to prevent those they protect from being ‘wasted’ to use an Americanism.
    Europeans are vassals of the U. S. in the ancient Egyptian sense and I refer to the Tel El-Amarna letters for a glimpse into modern America- Europe relations. The parallel is frightening.
    If we take it that Europe under Napoleon reproduced itself, in a not very overt way, in the U. S. and that this finally gelled at Teddy Roosevelt’s murder of President McKinley – one of America’s finest –then a future Beast Power is located in America-Europe. The Israel people if they are present are today enslaved (a Southern gentleman about 3 years visited Australia and revealed that 60 million Americans have been effectively enslaved and they are ALL, so-to-speak, white guys).
    I think there will be no further Heads of a European Beast – it already exists as a continuation of Napoleon (the seventh Head if you like).
    It is now a contest between Babylon/Kings of the North; Russia, Iran, China, India, etc. When God said thru Jeremiah, in effect, ‘no more chances’ then Nebuchadnezzar was on Judah’s doorstep. Russia is today’s analogue of Babylon. America is Judah by analogy. The fate of the U. S. is sealed. And the “trigger”? Sanctions.

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