Sunday Telegraph 5:8:2016

A British quality Sunday newspaper is a joy to behold.  Only three are left, now that The Independent on Sunday has folded.  The three are the Sunday Times, the Observer and the Sunday Telegraph.  Friends brought me a copy of the latter, a conservative paper, when they arrived in the US from England a few days ago.   I am very grateful for the paper, even though it’s a few days old.

In actual fact, it’s now eight day old, but still very relevant.

On the front page are two articles that reveal a great deal about Britain today.

The lead article, “Migration pressure on schools revealed,” by Tim Ross, highlights the reality of an extra 700,000 foreign language pupils in British public (state) schools.   (Multiply that by five to get the US equivalent.)   Additional funds are needed when pupils speak multiple languages.   The cost to the UK taxpayer will run into the multiple millions.

The immigrants profiled in the article are from other EU countries. They do not include the latest refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, nor do they include Indians and Africans who have been entering the UK for decades.   Free movement of peoples within the European Union, including the United Kingdom, has led to this situation.  It may be a decisive factor in June’s referendum, when the British people get the opportunity to vote on remaining or leaving the Union.

A second front-page article bears the headline “Terror suspects win human rights battle” by Robert Verkaik and Robert Mendick.  The first two paragraphs read:   “Six Algerian terror suspects with links to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are to be allowed to stay in Britain after the Home Secretary admitted defeat in a 10-year legal battle to deport them.  The move follows a challenge under the Human Rights Act which found that the men were at risk of torture if they were deported to Algeria.”   No doubt these men, linked to terror, will be entitled to receive state benefits in the UK.  This means that their terrorist activities will be financed by the British taxpayer.   The taxpayer has already had to pay out for ten years of legal fees to cover both sides in the dispute.

After finishing the paper yesterday (Sunday) I read the Lansing State Journal.   A front page article informed readers that Michigan is about to see a “surge” of Syrian refugees.   Again, the taxpayer will have to foot the bill, pushing much-needed road repair further down the list of priorities.   Additionally, there is also the prospect of future terrorist acts.

Is anyone in government sane???



Staying in the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron described Donald Trump’s attitude to Muslim immigration as “stupid, divisive and wrong.”  This does not bode well for the Atlantic alliance or the Special Relationship that has existed between Britain and America since FDR and Churchill.  Mr. Trump said earlier today that he does not think he and Mr. Cameron will have a very good relationship should he enter the White House.

Considering the terrorist acts that have been perpetrated against the West by Islamic terrorists, we should also ask who is really “stupid” here?   I wonder why leaders throughout the Western world seem so determined to encourage the Islamization of their countries?   As Donald Trump put it today:   “It sounds like he (Mr. Cameron) is not willing to address the problem either.”

The Islamic presence, fairly recent in the context of US and British history, has itself led to division.   A further comment from the BBC’s website followed:

“He (Trump) is also involved in a spat with new London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The US presidential contender said he would not forgive Mr. Khan for calling him “ignorant” – and challenged the Mayor to take part in an IQ test, an offer mocked by Mr. Khan’s team.”

Further division no doubt lies ahead.

Mr. Trump is also calling on Muslims “to turn people in.”   In a television interview shown on British television’s ITV (not the BBC) the presumptive Republican nominee said he is not anti-Muslim, but rather anti-terror. He called on practicing Muslims to cooperate with the police in their fight against Islamic terror.



Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of Britain’s intelligence service, MI6, warned today of the consequences to Europe if the continent does not get on top of the migrant crisis.   “If Europe cannot act together to persuade the majority of its citizens that it can gain control of the migratory crisis, then the EU will find itself at the mercy of a populist uprising which is already stirring.   The stakes are very high and the UK referendum is the first roll of the dice in a bigger, geopolitical game.”

“Sir Richard also warned against offering visa-free travel to Turkish nationals, describing the move as like storing gasoline near a fire.” (BBC News website.)



4 thoughts on “JUST ONE FRONT PAGE”

  1. Hi Melvin, my husband reads the telegraph on line everyday here in canada. We get a lot from your posts. Thanks Wendy

  2. Many in the secular world agree in a rare sane moment that many in government are insane. Believing this fairy tail seems to be a rite of passage for the upward mobile.
    What’s also surprisingly insane many don’t connect while they are sleeping in the pew… is being admonished from the pulpit to “PRAY FOR THE KING”! Mr. Prime minister and Mr. President aren’t monarchs. The only blessing possible is from “Fiddler on the Roof”….
    “God bless the Tzar…far far away from us”. Forget the blessings mentioned in Deuteronomy 28. They no longer apply.

  3. Thank you Mr. Rhodes for your ongoing insight & timely reporting. Interestingly Deuteronomy 28:43-44 appears to be unfolding before our eyes. The many other curses could be argued over global warming or weather cycles, but aliens rising above us in our own country is hard to explain away. Understanding doesn’t make it any less painful to see – I pray for my family & grandkids daily. It’s the future generations that will pay the price for all these insane decisions being made today. Oh that they would turn and follow Him that He would heal our land. (2 Chron 7:14)

  4. Insane or stupid. Both words apply in most cases with governement officials and also many people that support them. There is clearly a lack of thinking things through and understanding the consequences of these stupid decisions.

    I know, we’re not suppose to use words like stupid. I know of no better word for many decisions today. I think at the CORE of this stupidity, in many cases, is simply a desire to not to be thought unloving. We must “love” everyone, we must “forgive” everyone. Our paradigm of love is upside down.

    If the truth be known, even many (most?) in the Church, in their heart of hearts, disagree with much of what God instructed the Israelites to do to other nations and to fellow Israelites when they committed certain sins.

    The carnal mind does not ONLY disagree with God. The carnal mind (and all of us still have some carnality) HATES God’s ways.

    At least that’s what the Bible says. Even in the New Covenant.

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