Trump NATO

Clause IV of the NATO treaty stipulates that if one member country is attacked, the others are required to act militarily in aid of the attacked member.

This clause was only invoked once – immediately after 9-11.   Other member nations all supported the United States, protecting the country’s air space and coastline, following up with military support in Afghanistan, the country that had given Al-Qaeda a home base.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to understand Donald Trump’s call to end NATO, as he says its now outdated and other nations are not doing enough.

It’s true that most of the other member countries are not spending enough.  Everybody agreed to spend 2% of their GNP on defense, but some fall short.

This is a separate issue, which should be remedied.

But to question the existence of NATO risks the collapse of the 67-year-old alliance, which has done a great deal to maintain peace.

It has also enabled the US president to be “the leader of the free world.”

He won’t be if NATO ceases to exist.

Having said that, no alliance will last forever.

The Bible shows that an alliance of ten nations will be the dominant superpower just before Christ’s return.  This union will be a revival of the Roman Empire. It will not include the United States.

Perhaps Trump’s call is leading up to a rift between Europe and America.  Certainly, the Europeans are not happy about the prospect of a President Trump.


  1. It does not appear there will be a president Trump nor any other. The presidential circus will come to a screeching halt before November IF President Obama declares marshall law. As the link below describes, we are heading for a disastrous worldwide financial collapse before the presidential election in November. Hunker down in your “Petra”. You have time to take care of family, friends and neighbors – they are not likely to know what will hit them. The controlled media will ensure that.

  2. Thank you Melvin. As a 40-year vet of WCG and exile I would suggest that I am not confident anything will happen to NATO. There is no way CIA control of European critical news editorials.allows Europeans to think about their own future. There will be no lack of bread till Shiloh comes. Russia will suppress US notions as per Mr Putin’s ‘Do you now know…’ speech to the U.N. I feel that our prophecy of a resurrected Head is misplaced. Could Napoleon be the 7th Head? Or is the Heads business in need of being revisited with fresh eyes? I mean eye-salve…

  3. It was a rather interesting statement Mr Trump made wasn’t it. There is no doubt that something, probably economic, will sever the NATO ties or perhaps it will end up just withering on the vine and simply fade away. We are finding ourselves in an upside down world, I heard an interview with the head of the IMF on Fox Business the other day and she even commented how things in the financial world aren’t responding in a normal way. In particular she commented on Japan going negative on interest rates….in a normal world this would have lowered the value of the Yen but instead the Yen went UP in value.

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