This appeared as a letter to the editor in the Lansing State Journal yesterday (12/17/2015):

ISIL a religious entity

In LSJ’s Nov. 28 issue, there were statements in two different articles relating to ISIL.

One story said the terrorist organization “has nothing to do with religion” and the other said that ISIL members “have no god, no faith.”

This is a total denial of reality.   Consider the following facts:

  • ISIL stands for “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant;”
  • the organization has a holy book called the Koran;
  • this movement seeks to establish Sharia (conservative Islamic) law;
  • its members are conducting jihad (holy war);
  • the group fights those viewed as infidels, apostates and pagans, all terms for unbelievers;
  • when striking their enemies the followers shout “Allahu Akbar” (God is great);
  • ISIL members pray regularly to a supreme being;
  • the organization has clerics called “imams;”
  • members sprinkle their conversations with the phrase “May it please God;”
  • ISIL believes that God’s laws should trump man’s laws;
  • this group seeks to establish a caliphate (Islamic polity) across the world.

Given these qualities, it is clear that ISIL is a religious entity, despite what the media say.

(Name withheld)



  1. Denying the undeniable certainly seems to be all the rage these days doesn’t it Mr Rhodes. I’ve mentioned to my Wife many times the past few years how we seem to be playing out the childhood fable of The Emperor’s New Clothes in which the “lie” becomes believed and even praised as truth. The more people agreed to accept it as truth, the more it was accepted as truth. It took the innocent mind of a young child to point out the REAL truth.
    We are told in the Bible that if men refuse to accept the Truth that God will allow their minds to be carried away with strong delusion and we certainly seem to have some deluded leaders right now.

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