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After Donald Trump’s call for a temporary halt in allowing Muslims to move to America, there has been a great deal of “moral outrage,” as CNN called it.   Prominent members of the liberal intelligentsia have been appearing on the various news channels.   Accusations of Trump being “un-American” are constantly being yelled out, even though America had no Muslims in its infancy and few until a change in the immigration laws fifty years ago.

Donald Trump has called for a ban on immigration to the United States by Muslims.  TV talk programs seem to have discussed nothing else since his controversial call Monday, which he referred to as “common sense.”

The liberal media, plus almost all politicians of both major parties, have condemned Mr. Trump and called him a “racist” and lots of other bad names.

Methinks they protest too much!   Why are they so determined to see so many Muslims in America?

Let’s consider the facts ……

The US is the leading nation of the western world.   The country has experienced a number of terrorist attacks by Muslims, including San Bernardino, Boston, Chattanooga, Garland, Fort Hood and 9-11.

The number two economy in the western world is Japan, with 130 million people.   Japan has not had a terrorist attack perpetrated by Muslims.   Japan has a very strict immigration policy, which does not encourage Muslims to move there.   Could there be a connection?
Mr. Trump lacks tact, a quality he needs and one that needs to be brought into this debate.

I remember a conversation with a member of the diplomatic service in an African country some years ago.   My wife and I were enjoying our visit to his country and I expressed the hope that they would have more tourists, which would boost their economy.   I told him that one thing they could do to help encourage tourism was to abolish the visa requirement for tourists.

He responded that the country had to require a visa, at a cost of $100, before any tourist could visit.   He explained that it was reciprocal. In other words, because the US insisted people from his country must get a visa to enter America, his country had to insist on visas for Americans.

The US requires peoples in many countries to get visas, to screen them before they visit and to weed out those who might visit and stay to look for work.

But my point is that visa requirements are reciprocal.

Can’t we do the same when it comes to immigration?

We should apply the same rules to people wanting to come to the United States, as their countries apply to Americans who go there.

As none of the 57 majority Muslim countries allows Americans to immigrate into their countries, we would effectively achieve the ban on Muslims Mr. Trump wants, but do it more tactfully.   The ball would be in their court!

Yes, there are Americans living in Muslim countries.   Some are married to locals in those countries, while some work there on contract, providing skills their economies need; but none have permanent resident status and will never be allowed to apply for citizenship.  Muslim nations know that Muslims and non-Muslims just don’t mix!

Quid pro quo.   Problem solved.   With tact, Mr. Trump!

There was also a lack of tact in the White House when Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, described Mr. Trump’s comments as “fascist,” forgetting that the most famous Democratic president of all, Franklin Roosevelt, interred Japanese, German and Italian Americans during World War II.

Meanwhile, a great deal of ignorance has been exposed in the media on this issue.   A number of news people have told us that Mr. Trump’s suggestion goes against the constitution.   It’s difficult to justify such a statement when there were no Muslims in the country at the time the constitution was written.   It wasn’t until after the Civil War that Muslims first came on the scene and the first mosque was built in Chicago as recently as 1929.

Nihad Awad, Executive Director and Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, likened Mr. Trump’s comments to those of Nazis against the Jews, asking:  “Haven’t we learned anything from history, Mr. Trump?”   This blatant double standard went unquestioned.   It was a perfect opportunity to raise questions about attitudes toward Jews shown in some Muslim countries and during the Holocaust.

On the same day that this dominated the news, TIME magazine announced its choice of “Person of the Year.”   This year’s choice is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, who opened Germany’s doors to allow in one million migrants this year, the equivalent of the US taking in four million.   The decision has already resulted in negative repercussions that must be borne by the German people.

The question arises – why is the media so determined to see the end of the European races?   At the same time as ridiculing Trump, most news sources are seen praising Frau Merkel for her decision.

Whatever you may think of Mr. Trump’s call to halt Muslim immigration at this time, Americans should be thankful the issue has been raised for one simple reason – any more attacks could easily result in a violent backlash against Muslims by other Americans. The population needs to be thoroughly educated on the religion and its goals toward the United States so that a responsible debate can take place.





8 thoughts on “COMMON SENSE, WITH TACT”

  1. As you know from the Quran, their goal is to convert or conquer the US as they have done elsewhere for centuries. Islam is not just a religion, but also a foreign government wanting world domination

  2. You pretty much nailed it in your last paragraph Mr. Rhodes. There is a purpose being worked out in EU countries right now. The EU leaders seem to be fixated on allowing as many muslims as possible to spill over their borders. The more attacks we see, the more determined these leaders become. I’m starting to firmly believe that these leaders are being “inspired” to do what they are doing. Recall what happened during the days of the prophet Micaiah in 1 Kings ch 22. When God wanted Ahab to go into battle he allowed a lying spirit to persuade him via his false prophets. I think we are seeing that scenario being played out again in Europe. These leaders are being persuaded and there is NOTHING that will stop them…they have a mission to carry out. The end result of that mission will be the violent backlash you mentioned at the end of your article. This violent backlash will be the foundation for what will ultimately be built under the leadership of one man with 10 sub-leaders, whether it will be 10 nations or groups of nations we don’t know yet. While we have known for decades that this power would come into being, we had no idea HOW this would come about.
    I honestly think what is going on in this nation right now is purely a “magician’s trick”, everyone is looking at the left hand (muslim refugees and terrorism) which is what the magician wants when everyone SHOULD be paying attention to the right hand. The right hand is the utter lawlessness that has flooded this nation in the past years and has poured over the floodgates in recent months. Lawlessness that has been embraced by a huge majority of the country and even those who haven’t FULLY embraced it have been tarnished by it……many not recognizing the impact it has had on their “moral center”. The impact of a flood is something I would suggest EVERYONE reading this post study up on. Even huge boulders can be swept away and carried for long distances from where they originally were. The smaller the boulder, rock, structure, etc the further it will be carried away. Only…..ONLY those rocks that are firmly anchored are left in place.
    There is an old Good News article entitled Why Some Pillars Fall that covers this topic very well.

  3. I have been increasingly suspicious whenever the media unamously applaid a cause, or condemn another. I am reminded of the socalled “Arabic spring”, which amounted to no spring at all. So thanks for a catious note that gives another side of the issue not covered by the general media.

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