San Bernadino couple

The fact that the target was a Christmas party at a center for the disabled shows that an attack can come anywhere, at any time.

There have been other attacks by radical Islamists on American soil – Ft Hood, Garland, Chattanooga to name just three.   There will be more.

ISIS has staged 25 terrorist attacks in the last five weeks.   That’s five a week. The total number of dead is 250.   Paris, Sinai and San Bernardino got the most publicity and will continue to have the biggest consequences, but other attacks have taken place in the Middle East and Africa. Boko Haram, an ISIS affiliate, carries out the most attacks, with impunity.

The West can certainly destroy ISIS with the right leadership, but defeating Islamic fundamentalism is quite another matter.   Even if ISIS coalition forces wipe out the threat from Sunni Islam, there will still be Iran, the Shi’ite terror state that has been plaguing America since 1979.

On the same day as the San Bernardino attack, the British government was debating bombing ISIS in Syria, along with other coalition partners.   The vote was an overwhelming yes.   But concerns were expressed that ISIS would turn its attention to Britain if the British authorized the bombing. Emphasizing the point was a “terrorist incident” Saturday evening on the London Underground when a man with a knife attacked passengers, shouting: “this is for Syria!”   A passerby was heard screaming at the perpetrator:   “You ain’t no Muslim, bruv!”   This has become a famous hashtag, supporting the official line that Islam is a religion of peace and that ISIS is trying to hijack it.   President Obama reinforced this idea in his speech to the nation last night.

Full-blown fear is now starting in the general population, a realization that terrorist attacks are going to be a regular part of daily life.   But this does not mean there is unity when it comes to dealing with them.

Political commentators agree that the threat of terrorism will move countries to the right politically, starting in France Sunday where they were holding regional elections.  If the far-right National Front sees significant gains, it could mean Marine Le Pen becoming President in the 2017 presidential election.   In the United States, increased fears of terrorism are benefitting Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency.

President Hollande of France has said that we are at war with ISIS. A number of US presidential candidates in the US have said the same. But nobody has yet stated the increasingly obvious, that we are in fact at war with Islam itself.

Hundreds of millions of people in the Middle East believe that this is the case.   From the Iranian revolution in 1979 through the Persian Gulf War, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq,   Muslims have been convinced that they are in a war with the West.   When they see babies being pulled from the rubble after western planes bomb homes in Syria, they want revenge, they want to kill babies in the West.   Schools full of children, concert halls full of young adults, and disabled centers throwing Christmas parties are easy targets.   We will see more of them.

We’ve been denying history for fifty years, encouraging a mixing of races and religions, which denies historical reality.   Now we are paying the price.

It’s amusing, frustrating and unbelievable watching politicians and commentators, all overwhelmingly liberal-leftists, trying to explain everything and come up with solutions, without stating the obvious and without any reference to history.

The latest slant on TV news is to blame the wife for the terrorist attacks last week.   She had only been in the country for a year, whereas her husband was born here.   As it is inconceivable a homegrown American boy could become a terrorist, it must all be blamed on her.   Why can’t we accept that a homegrown Muslim may hate our society, a country whose values are the exact opposite of his own?

The president and his wannabe successor prefer to place the blame for San Bernardino on the lack of gun control.   Wherever you stand on the issue of gun control, making it more difficult to buy guns will not put an end to terrorism.   Paris has strict gun controls, but look what happened there less than a month ago.   California also has gun controls, none of which were able to prevent last week’s attack.   If gun control advocates ever managed to stop the manufacture of guns, terrorists would simply bring them in from outside.

We can talk about gun controls encouraging terrorist attacks; we can talk about climate change causing terrorism (yes, somebody actually said that); we can blame it all on US foreign policy or on bombing Syria, but all of these hide the simple reality that we are in a clash of civilizations every bit as real as the medieval struggles between Christianity and Islam.

Only this time the West is not Christian.   And that’s the reason we don’t see anything clearly any more.

Watching commentators after San Bernardino, I didn’t once hear anybody ask why a Muslim would go to a Christmas party in the first place.   The Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is blasphemy to Muslims.  There really is no equivalent in today’s “Christian” world, where even most believers do not take religion seriously.   In a post-Christian society like America, there’s an inability to comprehend that others may take religion more seriously.

Perhaps it’s time in this multicultural paradise that liberals have created to scrap all Christmas parties, lest offence is taken!

In all the televised conversations that have followed San Bernardino, there has been no mention of the fact that no Muslim countries allow non-Muslims into their nations, except on short-term contracts.   They believe strongly that “infidels” cannot live alongside believers.  Yet, we in the West continue to believe that we can all live peaceably together.

I do not believe this to be the case.   And, for that reason alone, we will see more and more attacks like the one on San Bernardino.

It is true that God made all men from one blood, but it is not the case that different religions and ethnic groups can all live together.

“And He has made from one blood  every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings”   (Acts 17:26).



  1. No doubt Mr Rhodes, it is both mind-boggling and infuriating to see the way Western leaders deny the reality that is staring them right in the face. I have actually lost sleep over events that have played out this past year. A couple weeks ago I came to a realization, a realization that has helped calm my nerves and look at things in a different light. What I came to realize is that even though most of us know the final outcome and have a basic knowledge of how events will play out, we had NO idea of the stress that was going to be involved in seeing world leaders make the utterly foolish decisions that ARE required in order for prophetic events to come about.
    We are beginning to see events happen at an ever-increasing tempo. I imagine that there will probably be lulls, lulls which will cause many to lose their focus. Proper focus is everything.
    Remember the words of Dr Hoeh in that 1975 sermon….something you expect to happen often takes much longer to begin than originally thought, but once the expected events begin to play out, they unfold MUCH FASTER than anyone ever expected.
    I imagine one day many will think that there will be a lull and there won’t be and they will be like rats caught in a trap.

  2. Islam wants to briing about Armageddon. Only then can “their savior” come. The strategies and agendas of the different groups that will be involved in the lead up to a major war are different and all are complex. But the goal of Islam is Armageddon.

    Now that this terrorism has started in a way more significant than at any other time, largely because of the technology the world has, it seems probable that the leaders of Islam realize their “window of opportunity” has been narrowed and they must act quickly now.
    Again, they WANT Armageddon.

    We all realize this presidential race in the US is bizarre, and gettiing more so. Islam probably realizes their best chance of bringing the US, and other countries, into a major world war is to have Donald Trump president. At the very least, it seems safe to say, Trump would jump into a war much quicker than any other candidate. All the other candidadtes are part of the “establishment.” I don’t consider Bernie Sanders part of the establishment but he doen’t have a chance. I say this with the qualification that 99% of politicans and leaders in government, banks, financial institutions, global corporations, etc. have no idea (or if some of them do have an idea completely dismiss it and think it nuts) of the agenda of those that will bring about the New World Order.

    We do still believe, in the Church of God, that a New World Order will be set up, do we not?

    I sense that for the next year there will be a number of terror attacks. Will there be lulls? Perhaps, as Andy stated, but I don’t think so.
    Again, I believe the leaders of Islam now see a narrow window of time. They have opened this up and realize the time is NOW to accomplish their goal. Islam leaders realize most of the world is now extremely
    ANGRY with them. That last sentence does not come close to the reality. Angry is not the right word.

    The incredible stupidity of the political leaders in the United States is not seen by most in this country. This stupidity should be seen by their comments and decisions made; but is not by most. The next President will probably be Hillary or Ted Cruz. At this point in our history that should not even be a possibility. Another “establishment” President???

    Mel’s conclusion says it all and is considered insane, racist, unloving, etc., etc. by almost everyone: (by the way, this scripture IS in the New Covenant)

    “And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings” (Acts 17:26).

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