One thought on “TOO GOOD NOT TO PASS ON . . .”

  1. Very, very true. It is not unusual for me to put in 12 hr days at work and I’ve got to admit it can get rather annoying to deal with customers who don’t work and live on government handouts, and to top it off, they tend to be the very ones who get furious if you show up late because the previous job took longer than I anticipated.
    As to #5, it reminded me of something G Edward Griffin said during an interview about his book The Creature From Jekyll Island. He called it the doomsday scenario when the number of people IN the cart out number the ones pulling the cart. The ones pulling will ultimately question why they are working so hard when nobody else is.

    To take money, services, or goods that one doesn’t work for is stealing which is a violation of one of the 10 Commandments.

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