Aubren, Papa, and Leeson watching saurs on the computer.
Aubren, Papa, and Leeson watching saurs on the computer.

Our youngest grandson, Leeson, aged 2, is fascinated with dinosaurs.   Every morning, he races downstairs on his bottom and then runs to me and says “soars!”   That’s my cue to show him dinosaurs on my computer.   He will sit on my lap for an hour just looking at dinosaurs.

He has a few toy “saurs” which he carries around with him.   I decided to buy him a bag that could help him.

We went to the dollar store.   Dollar Tree to be exact, where “everything is just $1.”

I’ve taken him there before and always put him in the top part of the cart for safety reasons.   But now he’s a “big boy” and wanted to walk around with Grandpa.   So we started walking down the aisles looking for a glorified shopping bag, preferably with dinosaurs pictured on the side.

I did not ask for help.   When I took him to Target a week or so ago, I was looking for a DVD of dinosaurs.   I went up to the young man in the DVD section and asked him for a DVD with dinosaurs.   He recommended an animated movie.   I said no, we did not want cartoon depictions of dinosaurs, we wanted the real thing!   That solicited a smart-aleck response from him about me living at the same time as the dinosaurs.

So, this time, I thought I would look myself and not ask anybody for help.

The inevitable happened.   Before we even got to the aisle marked “Toys,” Leeson saw a plastic cup with a T-Rex (his favorite dinosaur) on the side.   I took it off the shelf and held it in my hand.

We then got to the “Toy” section and his eyes alighted on a section of small animals.  He pointed and said “Saurs!”   So, I told him to go look amongst the animals for a saur, telling him he could have one.

He came back with four horses.   There were no saurs.

Remembering he is only two and wouldn’t understand if I attempted to explain that horses are not dinosaurs, that they are, in fact, very much alive in today’s world, I decided instead to concentrate on teaching numbers.

“Leeson, I said, “One – just one animal.”

With this, he put one back – and kept the other three!

I was too tired to argue.

By now, the one dollar I was going to spend on him had become four, plus a 6% sales tax.   And I still hadn’t found the bag for him to carry his ever-increasing number of saurs – and now horses!

We finally found the bags – near the check-out line, thankfully.   They did not have one with dinosaurs on the side, but they did have a Mickey Mouse bag.   He likes Mickey, so I bought him that.

We then went through the check-out line.   Thankfully, he was so happy with his new bag and busy trying to fit the horses in it, that he didn’t notice the candy being offered (at $1 per item) on both sides of the line.

The one dollar had now become $5.   With tax, the total was $5.30.

A few days later, he is still busy playing with his “saurs,” putting them in his little bag to take them upstairs to bed at night and then bringing them downstairs in the morning in the same Mickey Mouse bag.

He’s gotten into the habit of wanting me to take him places every morning after his brother Aubren, 3,  goes to school.   But, if it’s going to cost me $5 each day, I may think twice about it!

Not really.   I love to take him.   He’s a real joy.   Besides, how long will he want to go out with an old “saur” like me?


4 thoughts on ““SAURS, PAPA””

  1. Mel,
    You and Diane are a great blessing to those boys….or maybe they are to you. Either way, it’s lovely to hear your grandpa stories as only a “saur” can tell. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Too funny! What is really funny is that as I read it I heard you speaking the words in your Dino voice 😉 from England. Going today to be with my grand daughters -2 of them. Joy is being with them.

  3. Precious! Enjoy them while ya have ’em Mr. Melvin. If it were me, I would have promptly reported that negative Target Associate’s comment to his/her supervisor, but to be smart elek, I might have added some ancient description like “that young, whipper-snapper over there…” Nice, refreshing story, Melvin! Thanks!

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