21 beheaded

Islamic terrorism continues to frighten and horrify the world.

On Saturday, two terrorist attacks in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, reminded the world that Islamic militants don’t like free speech or Jews.

At the same time, video of the beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya was posted to the ISIS website, emphasizing that the terror group does not like Christians, either.   An accompanying message warned that ISIS will soon conquer Rome.

The video production was titled: “A message signed with blood to the nation of the cross.”

Pope Francis responded with the following words:  “The blood of our Christian brothers and sisters is a testimony which cries out to be heard. It makes no difference whether they be Catholics, Orthodox, Copts or Protestants. They are Christians!”

Francis added: “The martyrs belong to all Christians.”

Almost one thousand years after the Crusades, militant Islam seems set on another major clash with the “Christian” world.   In 1095, following the massacre of 3,000 Christians by Turks in the Holy Land, Pope Urban II rallied western countries to launch a “Crusade” against Islam, to ensure continued access by Christians to the holy sites in and around Jerusalem. The Crusades lasted almost two hundred years, finally ending in 1291.

What is happening now is a build-up to a major clash of civilizations, similar to the Crusades of a millennium ago.

Italy should feel particularly threatened.   The country is only 450 miles from Libya, across the Mediterranean Sea.   It is a gateway into Europe.

The southernmost point of Italy is the island of Lampedusa, which has been in the news a lot recently. Tens of thousands of migrants from North Africa and further south have landed on the island in search of asylum.   From there, they seek admission into other EU countries.   It is quite likely that, hidden amongst genuine refugees, are ISIS terrorists planning on further terror attacks in Europe.

The Director of the FBI warned at the weekend that terrorists could enter the US this way, pretending to be refugees. The same can happen in Europe.

The headline in Monday’s Independent newspaper (UK) sums up the situation:   “The mass beheading of 21 hostages on a Libya beach sees the West’s worst fear made reality: Isis on the doorstep of Europe.”

The beheadings in Libya and the terror attacks in Copenhagen, which seemed to copy those in Paris last month, are a reminder that this is the “new normal.”

They come at a time when the West has no effective strategy to deal with radical Islam and when western civilization is effectively leaderless.


  1. Hello Mr. Rhodes,

    Thanks for this post. Many people are nervous these days. Mr. Graham asked a good question . Can we imagine the scenario if this were 21 Muslims executed by Christians?

    Do you have anything you’ve written that explains the history of the Arab/Jew/Christian conflicts? UCG has a great explanation here where they start with the two sons of Abraham. And this article talks about the history of Islam. While these (and many others) are well done, I wonder if an explanation would be better received if it were written by someone not affiliated with a church, or at least not published by a church group.

    If you have anything that you’ve written on the history of this conflict that starts with the sons of Abraham, would you please send me a link? I’d like to share that with some of my family and friends. But either way, thanks for the posts!

    Best regards, Vin Del Signore

    On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 5:45 PM, MEL RHODES’ PLACE . . . world news th

    1. Thanks for writing.

      I wrote most of the full size booklet on the Middle East in Prophecy for UCG.

      I don’t have the time to do a massive rewrite, but I am trying to read more secular books on the subject to give readers of my blog the background information that is needed to gain a deeper understanding.

      When you say “Mr Graham”, do you mean Ken Graham? Are you in his area? I thought you were in the NE.


  2. This is very concerning, especially when we allow Muslims into our country who have a history of supporting radical Islam. Look no further than those who have left the US to join ISIS and other radical groups overseas. Radical Islam has raised its ugly head in the past in our country (USA), why shouldn’t we believe it will again. The first time a mass beheading takes place in the US, our citizens will wake up quickly to this real threat. Lets not forget about the beheading in Oklahoma, oh wait, that wasn’t radical Islam, that was workplace violence.

  3. Hello in JESUS!
    Please, heartfully of 21 christians beheaded by ISIS in Lybia, the mere idea to both create ISIS and now project to conquer Rome that is altogether the imperial capital of the : Roman Empire, Papal Roman Empire, Papal Roman Germanic Empire, Roman Catholic Church, Oeucumenical Christian Churches, flows against common good sense that soon raises such questions as : can Planetary Islam fight and overcome Planetary Oeucumenical Christianity? (no!), can Iran or Egypt or Irak or Syria fight and overcome Germany or Italy or Spain or Greece? (no!) : thence why are Sheitan and the Daemons and the Demonics waisting Their time in pushing Core Islamic Realdom into suicide against Core Catholic Realdom? Is it questionnable that the reality and warfaring final outcome of former crusades are not at all those of nowadays? Isn’t it a pity that this planetary religious conflict consequently requickening Multi-Imperial Romedom is efficiently promoting its gentile planetary rise to planetary hegemony while backsliding or downing or drowning the End-Time Holy Israelite 12-Tribesnations( Jewish State Israel,Anglo-Saxons, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavia, Denmark, Netherland, Hungary, Czekia, Baltics)? There is a nowadays stunning reality: why apart the Jewish State Israel have all other Israelite Tribesnations knowing their Israelite identities refused to assume or pride in their Israeliteness or Israelity or Israelitedom? Another question is : why the End-Time Israelite Tribesnations nowadays (financially+economically+commercially+militarily+diplomatically+culturally) exhausted can’t as a family or as friends bulk up and so regain new planetary might and strength? Isn’t it unbelievable that gentile Germany+gentile Austria cannot match Israelite Britain+Israelite France but or yet all Israelite countries are individually or separately yielding to gentile Germany which main ambition and unrelenting ambition is unwavingly to dominate Europe and daminate the world thus replacing the Holy Bible’s YHWH-given Inter-Israelite Planetary Hegemony? Doesn’t even common good sense seem to be wayning away?

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