After seeing the endgame from Paris, I braved the snow and went out to the post office.   While on the way, I heard a few minutes of NPR.

An unidentified “expert” was talking about how the French have not done enough when it comes to assimilating Muslim immigrants.

Now, I’ve been an immigrant three times.   In turn I immigrated to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Ghana and the United States.

I always understood that I was the one who had to adapt to my new country.   I did not for one minute expect the people who were born there to adapt to me!

Muslim funny

2 thoughts on “POSTSCRIPT”

  1. Absolutely!

    Most Muslim terrorists declare that they perpetrated these violent acts because they wanted to become “martyrs”. No body asks why the want to become martyrs – what is in it for them to become martyrs? Are these now dead martyrs ( according to the Muslim religion) now in paradise selecting their 40 virgins?
    Is this their reward?
    Why do some Muslim clerics “condemn” these acts of violence when they preach this is the reward of those committing these acts of violence (killing non-Muslims). Are they lying?
    Is it permissible for a Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim?, I have even heard that it is permissible for a Muslim to rape the daughter of a non-Muslim…. Is this a religion of peace?, How does President Holland state “these acts of terrorism are not caused by the Muslim religion…. What is he smoking? -Reminds me of Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar when he put his telescope to his blind eye and exclaimed:
    “I don’t see it” he said.

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