We’re back. It’s good to be home.

We left home on Wednesday 8th October, driving to Lake Michigan and then catching the ferry across to Wisconsin, then driving another two hours to the Dells, where we joined about 800 other people observing the biblical Feast of Tabernacles.  We have enjoyed the Dells last year and this year – it’s a lovely place and it is wonderful to reconnect with good friends.  And we have some very good friends there!  It was certainly the highlight of our year!

While we were there, we shared a condo with our daughter, son-in-law and their four children. Also resident in the condo were Mike’s cousin Eric and his wife, Dorothy, with their three children.

It was great to have more time, especially with the two-year-old twins, Ethan and Evan. They soon wanted to sit on my knee and look at nursery rhymes on my laptop. Like their cousins in Lansing, they also love “Thomas, the Tank Engine.”   They also watched that on my laptop.

Mel and twins

I’d like to think they wanted time with their grandfather but I also reluctantly accept that the laptop is the attraction, with “Papa” the one who happens to control it.   They also came into our room first thing each morning, searching for a gift (we hid little Matchbox cars in our room for them to find – the girls got doll clothes). Grampa’s and Gramma’s room was soon staked out for it’s content of goodies – they would arrive each morning holding out their hand for a cookie.  We had a condo with a loft and they loved to go up there and drop things on our heads over the barricade – thankfully none of the plastic cups they dropped had water in them!

I find it amazing how different they are, considering they are twins. They shared a womb and popped out of it a minute or two apart but that is the end of the story. They look different and are built different. There is also a definite sibling rivalry there, which tended to manifest itself in church so we had to separate them during services.

I’m also amazed at how their two older sisters, Alyssa and Elena (9 and 7), help with their brothers. They carry the boys everywhere and help feed them and look after them. This makes things easier for both parents.

It was a week of bonding with our Indianapolis grandchildren.   We’re already looking forward to seeing them again for Thanksgiving. We’ll have all 8 of them then!

Now that we are back, I will start writing again on world affairs.

2 thoughts on “NINE DAYS IN THE DELLS”

  1. so glad you had a great feast.and please write more . about world affairs , i really love reading them , take care

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