My laptop gave up the ghost on Sunday.   The result has been mixed emotions – I have to admit to being somewhat lost without it but my life is less stressful.

On Monday I went to the Apple Store, which has only just opened here in Lansing. I felt like I’d walked into the bar scene in “Star Wars.” The place was full of really weird people. Nerds and geeks were in plentiful supply. I’m just thankful that neither of my daughters had brought one of these guys home! (Although, admittedly, he might have proved useful in this instance.)

The diagnosis was that I needed a new hard drive, which would cost me about $160. But they could not take anything off the old hard drive. I would have to go elsewhere for that. Diane said she could do it, so I took it home again.

The following day, today, Tuesday, we took it back. I needed her to go with me as she at least speaks the language and could communicate with the employees. I zone out as soon as they start talking. It’s all Geek to me! (Sorry!)

The guy I saw yesterday wasn’t there, so we had to get another diagnosis. Once again, it was determined that I needed a new hard drive. It would also mean leaving my laptop with them for five days as they had a huge backlog of computers that needed fixing urgently for MSU students.

Alternatively, we could go to Best Buy and buy a new hard drive, which we could install ourselves. Well, not me exactly. I wasn’t about to attempt that. But Diane got positively excited at the prospect, so we (she) decided to opt for that. After installation, we would then have to return to the Apple Store for additional software, which they said they would install free of charge while we wait

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this was all having a serious effect on my relationship with the two grandsons that live with us. According to our daughter, in the middle of the night, Aubren, the eldest, had woken up and kept repeating “Grandpa. Hickory Dickory Dock.” By morning, he was ready for a nursery rhyme session on Grandpa’s lap.

But he was soon disappointed when I told him my laptop was “broke.” I’m not sure he really understood the word, as he kept on looking for the computer anyway. I just kept on repeating: “Broke! Broke!” in the hope that he would figure it out. But he didn’t.

This is where Grandma seized the opportunity and invited both boys to sit with her to watch “Hickory Dickory Dock” on her laptop.   Suddenly, Grandpa’s lap was empty and the boys were on the couch with Grandma, totally engrossed watching their favorite rhyme on Grandma’s smaller and cheaper screen! How fickle!

The truth was out – it was my laptop they had really loved all this time! Is this an example of the new electronic generation? You see evidence of it everywhere you go, family members in restaurants each looking at their own favored addictive device, bowing down to their plastic idol. Does it start when two-year-olds reject Grandpa for another laptop? Will they similarly reject friends motivated by the simple desire to see the latest technology?

Thankfully, Grandma’s laptop didn’t last long. By the end of the day they were ready to sit on my lap anyway. Bottles in hand, they just wanted some Grandpa time before going to bed. Human contact is more important than a gadget, after all.

Hopefully, my laptop will be fixed by tomorrow and life can get back to normal.


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