I took our eldest grandson out this morning – the first time since going into the hospital six months ago.

As he’s only 2 and a half, he had forgotten our daily trips last summer. Today, he was quite fearful about going anywhere with Grandpa.

This was not helped when I lifted him into his car seat in our Ford Expedition. It wasn’t easy to lift him. I had doubts myself as my surgeon said I should not lift more than ten pounds. But I got him into his seat and we drove to a nearby store.

He was still resisting me when I got him out of his car seat and into a shopping cart.   Thankfully, he’s easily bought – I gave him a packet of cookies and he calmed down. From that point on, he behaved himself perfectly, helping me select grocery items as we walked down the aisles (more cookies!).

I’ve started to address him as “Cookie Monster.” He’s a fan of Sesame Street and has learned the alphabet partly by watching the show. When the program today showed an ‘N’ and a ‘P,’ he came up to me pointing at the television screen and saying ‘O’, ‘O’ and again, ‘O’.   He’s not even three and he’s already correcting mistakes on TV!

He and his younger brother still favor “Hickory Dickory Dock” over all other electronic fare. Only they don’t say “dock” – they say “duck.” When I’m using my laptop, they will ask for “duck” and I switch over from whatever I’m doing to show them yet another variation of “Hickory Dickory Dock.” Does anybody out there know how many versions of the old nursery rhyme are on the internet? It must run into the hundreds! I can even sing it in Hindi.

I used to take both boys out for a daily walk but have not been able to this summer for health reasons. Today was a big step, taking Aubren out for an hour. Next time, I will take his younger brother Leeson. It’s going to be a while before I can take both out at the same time. But today was one small step forward into full recovery.

Diane and I are both recovering from surgery at the same time. It’s a slow process. We have to help and support each other. Hopefully by next spring we will be back to normal and able to go places and see people. I also hope I will be up to walking both boys again, on a daily basis. They won’t want to walk with Grandpa much longer, so I don’t want to miss any opportunity now.

One thought on “ONE SMALL STEP”

  1. I am excited about your step you took today. And being with grandchildren is such a special blessing, thankful you could do it again. Also thankful to hear you and Diane are both getting better and I will continue my prayers for you.

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