Today the Rhodes family is rejoicing.

We just received the news that Diane, my wife of 39 years, is cancer free.

It was on the last day of my hospital stay in the University of Michigan hospital, Ann Arbor, that she was told she had cancer – endometrial cancer, to be exact.   One trial was ending but another was just starting.

Last Friday, just six days ago, she had a hysterectomy at the same hospital. We had to wait until today for the pathology report to see if any cancer remained. We’re pleased to say they got it all. We would like to thank everybody for their prayers.

We thank God that she is fine and that, God willing, we will have many more years together.

This year has been quite a year. When I was in the hospital, Diane was told twice that I might not make it.   When she was told she had cancer, there was some concern that she might not have got it in time.

But now we can both rejoice that we are on the road to recovery and that all is well.

Our three adult children rejoice with us. If they understood, our eight grandchildren would be celebrating too, as they all love Grandma.

For the last hour, our 31-month-old grandson Aubren has been on my lap as if to celebrate the news. For some reason he loves the nursery rhyme “Hickory Dickory Dock,” which he only discovered a few days ago. He keeps climbing up to sit on my lap, pointing to my laptop and saying “dock.”   His younger brother Leeson does the same but Leeson is taking a nap, so Aubren took his opportunity to fill the gap and have some special time with Grandpa.

What a blessing family is, through all the trials that come our way. Through loving and supporting each other at all times, family bonds are strengthened. Thanks also to our church family and many, many friends. We love you all!


18 thoughts on “SHARING SOME GREAT NEWS”

  1. So glad to hear that Diane is now clear of cancer …and you too are feeling better, Melvin. We have been praying for you both, and are very grateful to God for preserving your lives. Such good news! I am sooo happy for you!

  2. Wow, what wonderful news to hear concerning Mrs Rhodes, and that she is cancer free ! So good that Mr. Rhodes is feeling better too.. A double blessing for the whole family !

  3. Absolutely fantastic news! May God now grant you both some well-deserved peace and rest as we enter the fall Holy Days. A big sigh of relief!

  4. Sorry about that wording above; I need to proof read better! Thank God for His mercy that both of you can now have a peaceful and joyful Feast.

  5. Tony Salvadori That is truly super great news that Melvin and Diane’s physical health has been restored so that your spiritual health during the last four of Gods Annual Sabbaths will be “THE BEST EVER.” Thank you for your many years of faithful service to Gods called out ones.

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