Update on Mel’s Lousy Week . . .


I had to take Mel to the ER April 2.  He was in so much pain – it was obvious something was very wrong.  He was admitted and many tests were done.  Blood tests did determine that he had an infection that was systemic.  On top of that, he was passing kidney stones.  They also did an MRI.  Results were that he has an abscess on the upper thoracic neck vertebrae. Neurosurgery signed off on him as his bones were not weak and no surgery was needed at this point. They would be called in theoretically if at a future date it was found that the abscess was not shrinking. They stepped up his antibiotic to a stronger one and are anxious to stop the abscess from touching the spinal cord itself. So the plan is that when his blood tests negative for the infection (no sign of how long that will take) they can put in a PICC line and send him home to have his IV antibiotics for 4-6 weeks. Then they will do another MRI to see how it is working and go from there. Why on earth he got this and why on earth it nestled in his neck, we have no idea. 

They are not satisfied they found the source of the infection, so he will have a Zyrtec (?) scan today and an MRI on his foot (which had swelled and turned red).

The malaria just jumped in there because it does that.  Clobbers you when you’re down.  It was the least of our problems but it masked the bigger one for a while.

That’s all I know at this point.  The boy hasn’t watched the news, read a newspaper or even known what day it is half the time.  That means SICK!  I will post more when I know more.



21 thoughts on “Update on Mel’s Lousy Week . . .”

  1. Hi Mel:

    Been praying for you. I can’t believe all these problems teamed up on you all at once. Do get well quickly.

  2. Dear Mr. Rhodes,

    May God heal you during this Passover season. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Many of the things you have written about and the likelihood of them happening are coming to pass right before our eyes ! My eyes are now focused more than ever on the EU and what will transpire ultimately as they see with THEIR eyes that little or no help will come from America and the man God set over us. We pray that God will give you complete healing.

  4. Have passed on the details of your situation (thanks to Diane for those) to several others, so be assured that many are praying for your relief from the pain and infection and wish you a very speedy and full recovery.

    1. This is his wife, Di. So sorry not to have updated the blog. He had spinal surgery the 19th of May and has had systemic infection. He has been in and out of the hospital and is now out. The last 20 days have been painful but tolerable until yesterday when he dehydrated and got nauseous. Almost had to go back to ER again but we managed to get it under control. Progress will be sorta slow, it looks like, but the antibiotics continue until July 14th. Then they will see if the infection comes back. If not, he’s home free. But that is a long time to go on this strong a dose of these antibiotics. They just tear him up. One day at time, so far so good. And people have been absolutely wonderful. Our cup runneth over!

  5. Hey Di, a lot of us are praying for Mr. Rhodes. I was just wondering if we could get an update on his health status. Hope you are doing good as well, I know how a long health battle can wear down spouses as well! Thank you, and our continued prayers for you both!

    1. Well, it’s been a lousy FIFTEEN weeks but we are nearing the end of this trial, I think. I brought him home from the hospital yesterday after yet another surgery, this time at the University of Michigan Hospital. He is now home without IV meds, without home nursing, with PT twice a week outpatient. Pain is minimal considering how awful it was. Incision about 15 inches long down his back but healing nicely. Apart from throwing up his pills this morning (NO idea why), he is doing great. Hopefully in a couple weeks he will feel like writing again! We live in hope . . . !

  6. He has since the last update been back to the hospital twice for nausea and vomiting. It has been four months of this. He is in having tests right now. Hopefully they will find something definitive and we can eliminate this scourge from our lives. Just can’t figure it out. Really hoping we are nearing the end of this misery!

  7. Mr. Rhodes,

    I have heard that you are really getting much better. I am very thankful for that. God truly has answered the many prayers that were uttered for you and your wife.

    I have not seen in recent posts from MEL RHODES’ PLACE.

    Have you stopped this publication until you get better or is there another name of your writings. I truly enjoyed reading what you wrote before you got so sick.

    If you have started writing again, perhaps you started a new list of people that you this to. I would like very much to start receiving your publication again.

    My information is:

    Sarah Tinch sarahtinch@yahoo.com Apt 2 5101 W Keller Road Muncie IN 47304


    Again, I would like much to receive your publication if you are still writing again since you have got better. Thank you again.

    Sarah Tinch

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