Unplanned Break . . .


Melvin has been down with malaria this past week and has been unable to write anything.  In fact, he couldn’t get his head off the pillow.  It doesn’t usually last this long but this round was a doozy.  Hopefully he will turn the corner into recovery soon and shake it off.   We’re working on him!



19 thoughts on “Unplanned Break . . .”

  1. Karen and I will pray for Melvin’s recovery. We look forward to hearing from him. Diane, we’re hoping you’re doing all right. All the best for a peaceful and improved week for both of you.

  2. Mr. Rhodes, so very sorry to hear you have been sick- we will be praying for your healing and a good week. We enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing.
    Rahn and Bonnie

  3. Thinking of you daily Mr. Rhodes. Hope you get well soon. I really enjoy your informative articles.

    Farris Bowen

  4. Mr. Rhodes, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you daily and may God bless you and heal you very soon.

    Jo Hattaway

  5. Dear Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes,

    I just read the update concerning your malaria and other complications. May God comfort, heal you, and ease your pain. My thought and prayers are with you and all of your family.

  6. So sorry to hear of his condition. We will keep you both in our prayers for strength and a full recovery.

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