Following a severe ice storm on Saturday night, tens of thousands of homes in the Lansing, Michigan, area have been without power.  This has resulted in me not being able to post anything to my blog.   We are still without power four days later and there is little hope of power returning for at least a couple more days.  It is so bitterly cold, along with thousands of others, we have had to seek shelter elsewhere.  After staying with friends for two nights, we are now in an hotel awaiting further developments.   As the temperature is likely to drop further in the next few days, the situation could seriously worsen as more ice means more trees falling on power lines.   Please remember to pray for us here in mid-Michigan.


4 thoughts on “TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES . . .”

  1. We are sympathetic to all of you. How hard it is to live in the western world without electricity. Our prayers are with all of you. Ken.

  2. The day before xmas we purchased a 6000 watt generator from Menards in Davison. Being an electrician, I know how to make it power the whole house including furnace, AC , electric range, well, microwave oven and lighting. In the last century we purchased a gas log fireplace that’s more economical than our home furnace. The generator uses approx 5 gallons of gasoline from 10 AM until 9 PM… or burning money @ 5X $3.57/gallon= $17.85/ day. Some generators are powered by cheaper natural gas if available. Propane is most expensive. The Boy Scout motto many Michiganders “Be Prepared” was coined by Baden Powell the founder of Scouting who was a student of the Bible. Wasn’t Melvin Rhodes contemporary with Baden Powell in the the old country?

  3. Looks pretty miserable from what we’ve seen reported and I can only imagine how everyone is struggling to cope in such an enrgy-dependent world when it is so COLD! Keeping you in our prayers.

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