Leeson, Grampa and Aubren


Two of our granddaughters just spent a long weekend with us.

Although they are now 7 & 8, they still like to sit on Grandpa’s lap.  In this position, they can read to me or talk to me or watch a movie.  It’s really nice that they still want to do that.

But my knees don’t like it!  After a while, I feel excruciating pain and fear I will need a knee transplant.

My favorite chair is a recliner.  As soon as I get up from it, one of the grandchildren will sit in it.  When I return, they will often choose to sit on my lap.  This has contributed to a great deal of sibling rivalry.

When 20-month-old Aubren sits on my lap, his younger brother Leeson will crawl over and want to climb up there, too.  The first thing Leeson does is poke Aubren in the eye.   At this point, Aubren is likely to clobber his younger brother over the head with his toy golf club.  Trying to keep them apart is hopeless – there’s only so much room.  Fights usually end with me putting one of them on the floor.

Aubren has discovered that, if he brings one of his toy cars to my lap, he can put it under my chin and then it will roll down over my stomach.  He thinks this is funny!

Both boys are attracted by any food I might be eating.  It doesn’t matter what it is, they want their share (at least 50%).  In this position, they’ve sampled all kinds of foods they otherwise may never have had.  No wonder they keep coming back for more.  It should be noted that they have not shown any interest in drinking tea!

Aubren also likes to watch “Thomas the Tank Engine” while on my lap.  I feel like I’ve seen every episode a hundred times — “They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight, Shunting trucks and hauling freight . . . ” – he loves it when I sing along with the theme song.  This is usually when his younger brother will poke him in the eye!

This morning Leeson was up over an hour before Aubren and I had to entertain him.  I did so by showing him 27 TV theme songs from a website, all famous and rather old.  He particularly loved the Gummi Bear Song (Long English version), Top Cat and Robin Hood (1950’s version).

In between songs he drank milk and drooled (he’s teething).  Yesterday, he spilt my tea down my front – today it was milk from my breakfast cereal.  I think I will wait from now on!

They’re absolutely adorable (as are all our grandchildren).  We are really looking forward to this weekend when our eldest daughter Alix will be visiting with her four children, including two twin boys born between Aubren and Leeson.  We will have eight children in the house all weekend!

I’m going to need a bigger lap!



  1. I know you will have a wonderful time next weekend! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story! Very much appreciate hearing about your grandkids! HUGS!
    Cathy & Tim Cockrell

  2. So enjoyed your story! I am a stay at home grandmother of three! soon to be four! I absolutely enjoy every moment I get to spend with my grandchildren! We are few in number….those who actually get to stop and play with them! enjoy them! You will be very busy, happy, and tired this weekend!

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