“In short, the longer the Obama presidency continues, the more America’s status as a superpower ebbs away.”

With these words, Daily Telegraph (London) writer Con Coughlin ended a column titled:  “US government shutdown:  Barack Obama is presiding over the end of America’s superpower status.”  (October 1st)

Mr. Couglin is the Defense Editor for the Telegraph and is renowned internationally as an authority on global security and terrorism.  He has just written a book with the intriguing title:  “Churchill’s First War:  Young Winston and the fight against the Taliban,” published by Macmillan.

Mr. Couglin’s article appeared on the first day of a US government shutdown, humiliating the country before the whole world.  Coming shortly after the debacle over Syria, the US is rapidly losing its pre-eminence in the world.

In an editorial titled “The weakened West” (September 21st), The Economist magazine wrote about the consequences of President Obama’s failure to fulfill his earlier promise, that, in the event of Syria using chemical weapons, the US would intervene in the country’s civil war.  Syria crossed the red line . . . but nothing happened.

“. . . a leader who the world sees is unable to fulfill his promises is inevitably weakened.  And although nobody doubts that America’s armed forces continue to enjoy overwhelming superiority, its unwillingness to use them undermines their ability to give force to its diplomacy.”

Highlighting the consequences of this significant change, The Economist leader comments further:

“Now every tyrant knows that a red line set by the leader of the free world is really just a threat to ask legislators how they feel about enforcing it.  Dictators will be free to maim and murder their own people, proliferators like North Korea less scared to proceed with spreading WMD, China and Russia ever more content to test their muscles in the vacuum left by the West.”

In other words, the US is out as the number one power.  We live in a new world, where all nations are more or less equal.  This is what Mr. Obama has always wanted.

The problem is that it won’t work.  As The Economist said, there will be a vacuum – a vacuum that somebody will fill.

We see that somebody rising now – the prophesied “Beast power” based in Europe, led by Germany.  If the US will not rise to defend western civilization, these nations will.

7 thoughts on “THE DEATH OF THE WEST”

  1. Obama is simply doing, essentially, what he is told to do. Democrats, republicans, Obama, Bush, etc.–it doesn’t matter. Many DON’T believe the internationalists orchestrate these decisions. Educated people (all people) don’t like being considered “conspiracy nuts.” Yes, a lot of conspiracy theories are nutty. That is all part of the deception. It is EXTREMELY EASY to deceive human beings.
    One reason God is being careful about who he chooses to lead, after Christ returns.

  2. Slightly off topic. One point I have not heard in any discussion from the media or politicians is the following. One reason we have so many politicians is for them to vote on issues. Voting lends a balance to decision making. This is a healthier way as contrasted with a dictator or a small group of “elites”, although one could make the argument that in virtually any governmental structure it is always a very small percentage of the people that decide. Also, with many structures, the “vote” is a rubber-stamping” of what the “leader” wants and/or voting by many that really don’t have a good grasp of what the issue(s) is. Is there not a voting procedure for making any decision in the United States. It seems the main point the media and the politicians make is neither side is willing to compromise. Again, you take a vote, and then move forward.

    1. A pure democracy is just as bad was pure monarchial dictatorship, essentially mob rule verses a royal dictator. A Republican form of democracy, a Republic, with a protecting Judicial and Constitutional structure and two legislative houses, is a careful balance between one and the other. Ever read Greek history about the Peloponnesian War(s) and the original Greek democracy run amuck? Our founding fathers knew all this history, and how English Parliamentary rule and constitutional law had slowly evolved in England (over 1500 years), and took the best from all and put them together in our form of Republican democracy, along with English jurisprudence, slightly touched up (but not much). But even they realized that as in Rome, so will it be with us, democracy has the seeds of it’s own destruction sown within it, as society degrades and votes in more and more degrading laws that go against the moral law and fiber of a nation that keep it strong.

      1. Some of the above mention the words monarch and dictatorship. When you hear terms like these, one immediately thinks of OTHER nations. I’ve personally watched and heard some well- known ” experts” and “authorities” on the big news channels use these same words along with the title king- in – the – making. With the free world’s most powerful leader { at least on paper} forcing rulings as he sees fit on Americans with little or no opposition and with his appeasing of our enemies, are we looking at totalitarian rule here? I tremble when I think about how bad things could get . Don’t be so sure that this cannot happen. And please don’t say America is too civilized for this to occur here!

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