It was no surprise to hear yesterday (Tuesday September 10th) that the income gap is widening.  The richest 1% are earning more while the average person is losing ground.  According to the report on NBC, the 1% are those earning $394,000 per annum or more.

So it’s good news that the Michigan Legislature has just approved the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  It will begin in the spring.  Finally, people like us will have medical insurance.

But . . . is it good news?

First of all, the new rules and regulations are very confusing in a way only government can do.

Secondly, I think we all know it will add to America’s financial problems.

Interestingly, the United States is at the same point now that Britain was at in 1947.

Americans are tired of wars (as the British were after two world wars and a few minor conflicts here and there).  They don’t want their boys sent overseas to places they have never heard of; besides, there’s a lot to spend the money on here at home.

Healthcare, for example.  A bottomless pit if ever there was one.

So the UK introduced “free” medical care just a few months after beginning to dismantle its empire.  It’s called the NHS (National Health Service) and, you may have noticed at the opening celebrations for the London Olympics, they are proud of it.

However, few realize that, for 65 years, as medical costs have risen, so there’s been less money for defense.  The UK has gone from being the greatest military power a century ago to, well, virtually nothing today.  A few years ago I remember reading that healthcare costs were increasing by 8% a year, while the economy only grew at 2%.  This meant cut-backs in many areas to pay for healthcare.

The US is heading in the same direction – downhill all the way.  We may all have medical coverage, but at some point, there will be nothing and nobody left to defend those hospitals and clinics!

Is that really what Americans want?


  1. Really, we should prefer spending billions on defence to looking after our own citizens. America’s wasting billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan at the behest of ignorant clowns like George W Bush and his compromised Defence Secretary Dick Cheney and the defence contractor conglomerates, not to mention the lives of almost countless innocent civilians, not to mention the poor sacrificial grunts on the ground who believed they were fighting a worthy cause, is better than spending those billions on the poor and middle classes in America who can’t afford basic health care? This wilful and wicked waste of money (wicked because it was based on lies and misinformation), laid much of the foundations of America’s huge debt problem. America spends more than the nine next biggest defence spending nations combined. Russia and China of course are included in that nine. America spends at least three times what these two nations spend in total. So you say the USA can’t afford to provide basic health care for its people: health care like free immunisations, pre natal care, neo natal care, cheap prescriptions, radiography and pathology and the like. Why does America not have free pre schools for children? I’d say because the big corporations and corporate greed control America. The UK’s NHS is not the only model for a national health care scheme. Australia’s might not be perfect either but its mix of free public health care and private care backed by private health insurance works pretty well. I can only think that general American ignorance of what goes on in the rest of the world, brought about no doubt by a woeful news media (corporately controlled), leads to a situation where Americans think that their systems of government and administration are best. Well, no they are not, I would contend.

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