George Zimmerman

The acquittal of George Zimmermann on Saturday night has led to demonstrations across the country, as if somehow society or the government dictated the outcome of the trial.  The fact is that the jury acquitted him.

The twelve-man jury system goes back almost a thousand years to the time of King Henry II (1133-89), perhaps even earlier.  Because the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution did not specifically state the required number, in 1970 six-member juries were introduced in some cases, the Zimmermann case being one of them.

The jury system has served Britain, America, and other countries well.  It’s not perfect.  Innocents have been found guilty and the guilty let go (remember OJ?).  But it’s preferable to what other countries have, those that did not inherit the Common Law from England.  Would we want to have a three-man tribunal, appointed by the government, decide all cases, as in some continental countries?

The system has not worked in some countries for some time – and the reason is cultural.

When we lived in West Africa, we soon realized that a jury will acquit a person if he is of the same tribe, but convict him if he is not.  Clearly, the jury system does not work in societies that are tribal based.

Which explains our problem in the US – we are becoming more and more tribal, with ethnic divisions only worsening.  We even have people in some areas calling for Sharia law.

A jury system is not likely to survive in such a climate.  Whatever replaces it can only be worse!



  1. It’s disturbing that the lines have been drawn and sides taken not based on evidence, but strictly on skin color. God help us it this doesn’t stop.

  2. Very true, tribalism seems to be at play here. Doesn’t matter the truth, its your race. Following the evidence without prejudice is what any juror is charged with.

  3. While it is true that in the United States ethnic divisions are becoming more apparent, these divisions have always been there. The United States racial division, especially in the South, was not even considered wrong by a large percentage of people for many decades, even into the 1950’s, 1960’s, and was still very apparent into the 1970’s. This racism went “underground” to a certain degree for several decades.

    There is a new element to this tension. Many white people are siding with the black people in a way that is hard to understand. The emotionalism of the blacks is easier to understand, not only because of slavery. With the new movie, 42, (it’s about Jackie Robinson) we are reminded of how pervasive this racism was. Essentially, many people in the US are becoming very emotional and this emotionalism is bringing out a lot of blatant stupidity. This stupidity is becoming obvious in trials such as the Zimmerman case.

    Lot of reasons why this is happening, of course. Human nature has not changed, the educational system and social networking is dumbing down people, political correctness and all our technical gadgets have made it much easier for people to engage in “fuzzy” thinking, people are extremely stressed, and Satan is a master at what he does.

  4. The ideologies of multiculturalism and identity politics have heavily contributed to America’s becoming more a nation of tribes. The cultural and academic elites long ago dropped any serious support for assimilation and common standards for everyone, such as a serious committment to using English as the main language in the government’s operations, such as in the schools. That’s the impetus also behind the declining respect for common institutions, such as those based on English common law like the jury system, when their decisions go against what this or that “tribe” wants.

  5. Black and White. That is what is on the census form, among other government forms. Although I am Caucasian, I have never been able to get a suntan to match that of many of my darker skinned friends. Our government appears to be deliberately inducing racism. Our government also quietly allows for up to four wives for certain religious groups (to live in this country and collect welfare benefits), while forbidding bigamy to all others. I am monogamist and very happy with my wife of over 48 years. Satan is the cause of our national and world corruption. See what he is doing and reject him. It’s not easy – but it is worth it.

  6. God warned us that our way won’t effectively work without Him being involved. He told Adam this when He created him. But man always”knows best.” That’s why we’re in the shape we’re in. And as we all know, this period of time we’re in presently will look great compared to what’s coming on down the road !

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