From The World’s Press . . .



From “The Economist”, British section, June 1st.  The article “Generation Boris” examines comments made by 17-18 year olds at “a diverse London school.”

“Young Britons are classical liberals: as well as prizing social freedom, they believe in low taxes, limited welfare and personal responsibility.  In America they would be called libertarians.

“More than two-thirds of people born before 1939 consider the welfare state “one of Britain’s proudest achievements.”  Less than one-third of those born after 1979 say the same.”


“Dealing with Russia”, The Economist, June 1st.

“In the year since Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin as president his rule has become increasingly repressive.  He has harassed or shut down non-governmental organizations, put opposition leaders on trial and had pop-star protesters jailed on flimsy charges.  Corruption is entrenched, the judiciary has been nobbled and critics are routinely branded as treacherous foreign agents.  The evidence is clear; the question is how the West should respond.

“. . . Barack Obama supports the pragmatic approach….arguing that he needs Russian help in the fight against terrorism, for arms control treaties and in such trouble spots as the Middle East.  It is Germany’s Angela Merkel who is most outspoken in attacking Mr. Putin’s repression.  Mrs Merkel is right and Mr Obama is wrong . . .”


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