This Week’s Funny . . .

photo (8)

All too true these days!  My daughter took this photo in an elevator today.  In case you can’t read it, here it is:


Prescription For a Life

Just a line to say I’m living, that I’m not among the dead;

Though I’m getting more forgetful and more mixed up in my head.

For sometimes I can’t remember when I stand at the bottom of the stair

If I must go up for something or if I’ve just come down from there.

And before the fridge so often, my poor mind is filled with doubt,

Have I just put food away or have I come to take some out?

There are times it’s dark outside and with my night cap on my head,

I don’t know if I’m retiring or just getting out of bed.

So, if it’s my turn to write you, there’s no need in getting sore,

I may think that I’ve written and don’t want to be a bore.

So remember I do love you and I wish that you were here,

But now it’s nearly mail time, so I must say, Good-bye, Dear.”


There I stood beside the mailbox with a face so very red.

Instead of mailing you my letter, I opened it instead.





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