A 25-year-old British soldier, father of a two-year-old boy, was repeatedly stabbed and decapitated in broad daylight in the Woolwich district of London, May 22nd.  The two perpetrators of this crime were not ashamed; they did not run away, rather they boasted to passersby that this will be the fate of many more British people – until the United Kingdom and other western nations remove their troops from Muslim lands.

Both of these men were British citizens, one the son of Nigerian immigrants who converted to Islam over ten years ago.  Both clearly felt a far greater loyalty to Islam than to the country that took them in and greatly increased their opportunities in life.

Once again, politicians and the media expressed incredulity that such a thing could happen.  The usual words were mouthed, words that people want to hear but words that sound increasingly hollow.  British Prime Minister David Cameron expressed the comment that this heinous crime was an insult to Islam.  Really?  It’s not as if this was the first such crime.  Nine years ago, the Dutch citizen Theo van Gogh was similarly killed on the streets of Amsterdam.  His crime was making a ten-minute documentary film on how the followers of Islam treat their women.

The bombings on the London Underground and on a bus in 2005 used a different methodology, but the perpetrators expressed similar sentiments – an intense hatred of the West, contempt for their adopted country and strong disagreement with British involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Would all this animosity and the threats of violence change if Britain and the other allies removed all troops from Muslim lands?  Not likely.  For a major push is going on, something akin to what has happened in previous periods in history – the territorial expansion of Islam!  Western Europe, including Great Britain, is increasingly Islamic as immigration and a high birthrate have combined to project Islam to the forefront of national life.  As one London imam said some years ago, “We will not stop until the crescent moon flag flies on top of Buckingham Palace!”

The Islamic religion started with the prophet Mohammed in the third decade of the seventh century in the area of Mecca and Medina in what is now Saudi Arabia.  By the end of the same century Islamic military forces had spread the religion across the whole of North Africa and much of the Middle East, conquering Jerusalem, Egypt and other parts of the Byzantine Empire.  In 711 they landed in Gibraltar.  Only 21 years later, exactly 100 years after the death of the prophet, their advance was stopped just outside of Paris by French forces led by Charles Martel, the grandfather of Charlemagne.

Further expansion by Islamic forces led to the Crusades at the end of the eleventh century.  Encroachments upon Christian territories continued until the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453.  In the following century the island of Rhodes was conquered and an attempt was made to take Malta.  Later, in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Islamic forces pushed right into the heart of Europe, reaching the gates of Vienna in 1529.  Vienna was attacked again in 1683.

A reversal took place during the period of European colonialism, when the British and the French dominated the Middle East.  The collapse of the Ottoman Empire less than a century ago led to further western involvement in the area and, in 1948, to the establishment of the nation of Israel.

Once again, Islamic imperialism threatens the West but political correctness obscures the reality.

After World War II, there were hardly any Muslims in western lands.  Today, there are millions, thanks to short-sighted immigration policies coupled with the push for diversity.  In the UK, the official figure is 1.6 million, but it’s likely much higher.  Even if only one percent are inclined to acts of violence like the ones already committed in London, that’s at least 16,000 terrorists within.

During the IRA’s terrorist campaign against the British, it was estimated that they only had 200 active terrorists at the most.  We’re talking here of multiple times that number.

Acts like the latest one in Woolwich are likely to become quite common as Islamic militants push for a greater say in Great Britain and other western countries. The bombings at the Boston Marathon indicate the US will experience similar acts. Remember, the ultimate goal is domination, to rule over the infidels, the non-believers for whom they have only contempt.

The problem of Islamic militancy will not be resolved by Britain pulling troops out of Afghanistan.  That’s a separate issue.  The real problem here is Islamic imperialism, the endless drive to impose Islam on the rest of the world.  The West’s open-door policy of the last few decades has allowed Muslims to make significant inroads into western countries.

Millions of people in Muslim lands believe the “Christian” West is at war with them.  The only way they can win the war is by bringing the conflict to western nations, so that people in the West experience the kind of violence seen daily in many Muslim lands.  Thanks to the changing demographics of the last few decades, western countries themselves have made this possible.  We can only expect more attacks like the one in London on May 22nd.



  1. wow sounds like i’ve heard this before. not religion, but a more perfect race. someone thinking he can take over the world, changing all to live his way.
    same line of thinking, if you ask me. get rid of those who think different, look different, and pray different. sad shape of our world, but God has warned us and prepared us for it. His Kingdom come.

  2. The West’s elites have to wake up, and realize that Islam is an intrinsically aggressive ideology, like Communism, Nazism, and Fascism. Being “nice” isn’t enough if people really believe on religious grounds that they have a duty to extend their faith by force if sweet reason doesn’t work first. Suppose America and Britain hadn’t overthrown the government that replaced the Shah of Iran briefly. Even suppose Britain and America hadn’t helped to create the modern state of Israel. Nevertheless, many Muslims who take the Koran seriously would still insult all traditional Christians, Jews, and others as “infidels” who should be either brought under willing or unwilling political control by Muslims as “dhimmis” (i.e., second-class citizens) or be made to convert. They need to be taught that all holy wars are unholy, and to admit that publicly. They should be asked publicly, “Do you believe that the U.S. (or British) constitution and English Common law should be replaced by the Shariah law?” If Islam’s spokesmen evade that question, then they either believe, “yes,” or are so afraid of those who believe “yes” in their own community that they won’t stand up against their community’s extremists.

  3. Will there ever be a Hollywood film maker with the courage to make a futuristic film when Sharia law is being imposed on British or American citizens ? Its not hard to think up good plots . It might get people thinking about the long term ramifications of present policy’s

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