Peter Mandelson

Peter Mandelson was one of the architects of “New Labour,” that helped lead the British Labour Party to a landslide victory in 1997, following almost twenty years of Conservative Party rule.  Mr. Mandelson served under both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the last two Labour (socialist) prime ministers.  Mr. Mandelson became a member of the British House of Lords in 2008.

He has now made a stunning confession – that, under Labour, the British government brought 2.2 million immigrants into the country in a deliberate attempt to force diversity on the British people.  He admits that this move has brought massive unemployment upon working class Britons, Labour’s traditional supporters.  Not only that, but the social cohesion of many parts of already over-populated Britain has been threatened by this mistaken policy.   (Realize that 2.2 million in the UK is the equivalent of 11 million in the US.  However, the impact is greater in Britain, which has a much higher population density.)

So, why then did the Labour government do what it did?

It seems that there was a deliberate policy of forcing Britain to become multicultural.

Again, why would they do that?

Partly for votes – most of the immigrants would vote for Labour.

But, also, because of their own contempt for the nation they grew up in.  Their hatred of England and English ways led them to a deliberate policy of fundamentally changing the make-up of Britain and the British people.

One of the immediate consequences of this is unemployment amongst working class whites.  Quoted in the British Daily Mail, Lord Mandelson admits that Britain had almost full employment in 1997 when his party took over governance of the country.  This is now a thing of the past.

Ironically, multiculturalism will likely be one of the first casualties of rising unemployment as people turn against those they feel have deprived them of jobs!


  1. Hey, we’ve got one of those guys in the White House, and over half our Senate in Washington. Why shouldn’t our British brothers-in-arms be like us? 🙂

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