Immigration 2

The Boston Marathon bombings show yet again the need for immigration reform.

Not the kind of reform now being discussed, reform which would eventually allow 11 million illegal aliens to gain citizenship, but reform which would keep America’s enemies out!

The two men responsible for the bombings are Chechens, Muslims from southern Russia.

The 19 men responsible for 9/11 were Muslims from Saudi Arabia.

The killings of 13 people at Ft. Hood were perpetrated by a second generation Jordanian Muslim; just as the London bombings in July, 2005, were committed by second generation Muslims, young men from an affluent background, so poverty was not the cause.  These attacks are significant because they show that some people born in western countries of immigrant parents may not assimilate.  Rather, they become radicalized, anti-American and extremist in their views.

It’s not too difficult to understand why.  America is built on a foundation of freedom.   Islam means submission, which is the exact opposite of freedom.  The two cannot be reconciled, no matter what the multiculturalists may say.  Of course, America’s concept of freedom is more like license today, as anything goes in the moral arena.  This is deeply offensive to conservative religions, including Islam.  At a time when most Americans are turning away from religion, Muslim immigrants and their children seem increasingly inclined to embrace strict religious beliefs.

Across the Islamic world people believe they are in a war with the “Christian” West, with America being the chief Christian nation.  Whereas western nations allow Muslims to immigrate, no Muslim nations allow Christians to move in.  Muslim countries are even driving out those Christians who have lived amongst them for centuries.

It’s not just Muslims who commit acts of violence.  In 2007 a South Korean immigrant killed almost forty people on the campus of Virginia Tech.

Ethnic violence is the norm throughout much of the world.  Ethnic conflict is often exacerbated by religious conflict.

Watch a good world news program any evening and you will see that these conflicts dominate the news.  On Monday, April 22nd, BBC News America led with developments that followed the Boston Marathon perpetrated by Muslim extremists, progressed through a report from Canada that the Canadian police had thwarted terrorist activity by foreign-born Muslims, Syria’s civil war (increasingly seen as a major conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims), Burma (anti-Muslim violence by Burmese nationals) and Israeli security concerns following attacks from Gaza.  There were only two other reports on non-Muslim related topics.

Before 1965, US immigration policy was discriminatory in an attempt to maintain the racial balance that already existed.  Change approved that year by the Johnson administration opened the doors to massive immigration from all countries, regardless of religion or ethnicity.   We can see the results today.  Clearly, many of those immigrants are not assimilating.

The change in the law has opened America up to the same ethnic and religious divisions that exist in many other parts of the world.

As a result, terrorist attacks like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon are likely to become more common.  We are also likely to see more terrorism by white supremacist groups that resent the changes that have taken place.



  1. The older brother, Tamarlan, went back to Degastan for 6 months in 2011, probably spending time with Dokka Umarov. Do a wiki of that dude, real scary Chechen terrorist. For a very good DVD explaining Islam, order the DVD “ISLAM: What The West Needs To Know”, featuring Wally Shoebat, a former Hamas bomber turned Christian. The writeup on the jacket says, “ISLAM: What The West Needs To Know” demonstrates that islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government.” Also, after the World Trade Towers were hit on 9/11, I wrote a pretty good article on my website titled Arab Terrorism, which can be found in the Topical section of the site.

  2. One interesting point brought out by a Calvary Chapel pastor in a sermon of his I was transcribing on 2nd Corinthians 4:3-4, given around the time just after 9/11, is that people off the street filled his church, and continued to fill it for about three weeks, and then everything went back to normal. I live within driving distance of Boston, and this whole event was wrapped up, from Marathon Bombing to the death and/or capture of the perpetrators in five short days, very amazing. The stats for my Christian website showed from last Thursday until yesterday, the normal page-views jumped from a normal 600/700 to counts as high as 5,000 page-views, and a low of 1,600 page-views. I fully expect it to taper off to a normal of 600 page-views per day as time goes on, maybe already has. haven’t check today. This pastor remarked that it is at times like this when there is a window of opportunity for genuine evangelism, that the blinding that the god of this world temporarily drops from peoples eyes, as they face their own mortality during events like this (no atheists on a life-raft mentality).

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