Would you believe I fell asleep in church yesterday?

I used to give sermons about people like that!

It was a long day – we were gone for a full twelve hours, after an exhausting weekend.

The day in question was Monday, April 1st, a biblical holy day called the Last Day of Unleavened Bread.  By tradition, our church has two services that day, each lasting about 90 minutes.

Normally, it’s just my wife and I who go, but this time we were visiting our daughter, son- in-law, and their four young children, including two twin boys who are only just over 6 months old.   We also took our son’s two girls, who are the same age as my daughter’s (6 and 7) who we had brought down with us from home.  That’s six children in all – more than we are used to at any one time.

Added to this was the fact that my wife Diane was sick and stayed home.

It was after lunch, during the second service that I dozed off.   I awoke after, maybe, twenty minutes, to find my daughter and son-in-law had left the sanctuary with the two little boys and I had been left with the girls – who, at the precise moment of my re-awakening, were not exactly on their best behavior!  There was too much movement and way too much noise.  Fortunately, we were sitting near the back, so very few people were disturbed.

But I won’t fall asleep again.  Well . . . not until the next time.  I’m getting old!


17 thoughts on “HOW EMBARRASSING!”

  1. As hard as I tried not to be, I got sleepy during the afternoon service, yesterday, and there have been times in the past when I was popped into a very alert state of consciousness by a fallen pen or Bible. I blame the big lunch I ate just before. I had nothin’ ta do wif it! Bad, bad lunch. Good Kelly. 😉

  2. Sometimes you are really that tired. Sometimes the speaker is just not that interesting. Sometimes your mind is somewhere else.

  3. You are so honest. We can empathize with you. I had twins years ago and getting sleep anywhere was so enjoyable.

  4. There have been many times where, after a long week of travel and lost sleep, the only thing between me and a bit of dozing is using the laptop to vigorously take notes during sermons.

  5. Quite alright Mr. Rhodes. We had our eyes on the girls: yes, a bit rowdy, but not out-of-control. As grandparents, we appreciated the atmosphere. You appeared to need the rest; we – not knowing details – made no use of uninformed assumptions; we left that to you and God. Both seemed in good hands and friendly care. Good to see you. Enjoyable read. Best success with the blog. There will be reading.

  6. At our age, we’re somewhat entitled (I’m 66.5 years young)…took care of my adoptive daughter’s two boys on their farm, ages 4 & 5, for 11 days while she was on her honeymoon cruise. Kids at that age seem to have an unlimited source of energy, whereas we older ones need our batteries recharged far more frequently. I REALLY appreciated when the happy couple returned 🙂

  7. Been there–done that! Now that in much of the Church of God culture, double services are being held less and less, falling asleep at services happens less and less.

    For those of us who partook of the Worldwide Church of God experience (two services on all Holy Days, and on every day of the Feast of Tabernacles), in these latter day Churches of God we are appearing before God with all reverence and diligence with single services.

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